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Hospital care….

I have been staying with my sister and brother-in-law in Melbourne this week after flying down to see Phil, my 84 year-old brother-in-law and a leading influence in my life. Phil is and always has been a 'can-do' man, running a wonderful farm, caravan park and building business. Such a good man.. it's a blow to see him fighting his particular form of cancer that causes his red blood cells to misbehave and for him to retain fluid, causing his pacemaker heart to work dangerously hard. Phil is in … [Read more...]

Alzheimers’: the new market for Big Pharma

I'm copying a pasting an article by Rob Verkerk, president of Alliance for Natural Health here today. It's a typical story of vested interest, sub-prime research and ultimately, deprivation of the public of quality healthcare. It affected me because I'm a potential sufferer of Alzheimers' using a natural product to retain my faculties. My video on YouTube has attracted a tremendous response.. and I'd dread the possibility that the powers that be would choose to deprive me of my coconut oil. "The … [Read more...]

You Better watch out, you better not cry…

[Read more...]

Why Graffiti Artists don’t drive cars

Aww. Shucks. Did someone do unto you as you do to others? … [Read more...]

The Untold Truth about Alkaline Diet

The Untold Truth Video is here. Taking a serious look at the alkaline diet philosophy. … [Read more...]

Is an Orange alkaline?

I'm going through some serious re-evaluation. You see, I'm getting queries from people about what food is alkaline, and what's not - as usual. After all, I wrote a book on it. But I'm beginning to see that there is so much more to the alkaline diet. Take an orange. By accepted alkaline theory, an orange is 'alkaline' meaning that after it has been metabolised or 'burnt up' by our bodies in conversion of food to energy, there are more alkaline minerals left than acid. So far so good.. and I'm … [Read more...]

I’m Trying.. (Very trying)

Attempting to get my posts here added automatically to our AlkaWay Facebook page. Anything is possible on the net.. if you have time, energy and enough anger management. … [Read more...]

How to claim you can prevent cancer but not say so.

Here at AlkaWay we are very, very careful never to say alkaline water prevents or cures cancer. Not just because there is a million dollar fine for saying so.. but I admit, that helps. But over the decade we've been operating we've seen and heard too many stories to ever say that one thing cures cancer. For one, there are hundreds of types of cancer. For two, there appear to be hundreds of prophylactic and remedial products - NONE with an outright guarantee. So given the billions spent on cancer … [Read more...]

End of the Week, start of the fun.

Today it appears that the article on acid/alkaline balance was published to some 200,000 people who are customers of the GoVita health store chain. Our phones almost melted. It's nice to be needed. … [Read more...]

ZamZam Water

The BBC reports that the sacred water that hydrates the hordes of  Hajis in Mecca every year may be seriously polluted. It's from an ancient well in this hot and dry valley. It appears progress may have caught up with religion, because the development around Mecca may have polluted the well with high levels of arsenic. Arsenic, we might note, in even small quantities, accelerates skin cancer. The full cover dress mode of some Muslim ladies, therefore, may be advisable. … [Read more...]