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Another Approach to Alzheimers’ using something very simple.

As you know, I've had incipient Alzheimers' Disease. And it was getting worse before Cassie found a video on YouTube by Dr Mary Newport about coconut oil. I began her regime and experienced immediate return to what I remembered as normal. Cassie saw the difference.. so it must be true. In fact we also made a video of our experience and here it is. In Italy for the last six months I was without it and watched helplessly as Herr Alzheimer crept back. Scary stuff, I can tell you. Of course … [Read more...]

Reasonable Health Decisions

Yesterday I had an appointment with my acupuncturist. Neil is a wonderful guy. An Aikido master, practitioner of Zen for thirty years, and wise beyond words. So our sessions are always peppered with some excellent to-ing and fro-ing. After six months in Italy and the Italian diet of coffee and red wine interspersed with food, he said I was in good shape. Then he threw in the clunker. "The Cancer Council has finally come out and stated categorically that any alcohol at all heightens your risk of … [Read more...]

Acid-Alkaline Balance from a scientist’s point of view

This link is to a quite excellent clinical study of acid-alkaline balance. It covers all forms of acid excess and, unusually, alkaline excess. I recommend it for anyone wishing to learn more about the subject. … [Read more...]

Kale: The Alkaline vegetable we all love to hate

Is there a future for Kale in your life?  It's a grand champion alkalizer.. but unless prepared properly it tastes like an Indian dog's breakfast. Dr Ben Kim offers his best shot at making it work for him here. … [Read more...]

My New Blog!

Yes, it has arrived, Running a bit roughly like a new motorbike that needs a tune, but we'll fix that. Very excited, but also a bit sad at losing my old Blogger blog. Clunky but like Google, always there. I manages well over a thousand posts there all about alkaline water and water ionizers and alkaline diet and just about anything else that came into my mind! … [Read more...]