Healing Journey & Vegans…and a Vegan Cat.

Yesterday, I went and participated in a healing Journey, using a vine that originally came from the Amazonian rain forest. This vine have been used by the Amazonian natives for a long, long time for the purpose of healing physically and emotionally.

At the end of the Journey we were invited to have a vegetable soup. Well lo and behold that soup was full of bread…..very special home baked hemp seed wheat bread mind you, it had been fermented a very long time!  Everyone else was so excited by the thought.  I was not.  Everyone else was told this bread is now completely digestible for anyone with gluten intolerance.  I know this is not true, but I soon realised I was talking to a vegan.

I protested that I could not eat this soup and I was told I could, I just needed to take out the bread.

Now I realised the people who are running this shebang are holier than thou…vegans.

I knew something was up when I first arrived, their cat looked..well, wrong.  I couldn’t put my finger on it but something about the way she looked triggered a memory.


vegan catThere eyes have bigger pupils and they can never relax.  They look like they are looking constantly for something which they just can’t find.

Imagine craving a food and not being able to get it, as my “owner”, in all his wisdom has decided that I need to follow his eating habits.  Similar, I guess, to being in the concentration camps or in jail for that matter, in that there was absolutely no option of choosing the food you craved.

I have seen sheep in New Zealand before and then after having access to a  salt lick with all the minerals they needed.  The health difference of these animals before and after being able to get to this salt lick was extraordinary.  Animals know, and when they can’t find what they need, they get sick.

Back to my vegans.  After they have finished their soup the organiser mentions breakfast the next morning and guess what it is? You guessed it, muesli.

I was supposed to be there until 1pm that next day and I started to be concerned that I might actually need some sustenance.  I have basically fasted that day and the day before. Also the medicine has emptied every last part of my intestines into the toilet.  I told him I may need to leave in the morning instead of staying.

I told him  that I don’t eat grains.  He then said I could eat fruit.  I said I don’t eat fruit and he said in a bemused way, what did I eat?  I said meat and vegetables.  You could have knocked him down with a feather.   Is was as if he was saying you mean you are here and you eat meat?  How could this be possible?  God silly me, I had forgot about vegan behaviour, their diet is THE diet, how could you want something else?  You must be one of them, those unenlightened gross humans.  

He told me that there was kale in the garden and I could eat that and I was not to leave early.

Well, next morning at 5am, with the feeling I might need to fight my way out of this predicament, and after only two hours of sleep I rise pack my bags and creep out.  I ring Ian to come and get me. He didn’t get any fuel the previous day and he has to wait until 7am to refuel.    I stash my stuff in the roadside bushes and start to walk.  I walk for a couple of hours and there finally is Ian, my hero, saving me from those stringy vegans. What a relief!

The moral of this story?  Have a look at the cat and if it looks crazed…leave and quickly!  Vegans are a strange mob.  I really do believe that the vegan diet is NOT GOOD FOR THE BRAIN!

Every vegan I have know is well…..strange.  They are not able to ground, it’s like they aren’t able to stay on the planet long enough to stand and be accountable.  Logic goes out the window and they use all their favorite homilies to make their case…. I never want to argue with one. It’s impossible to be heard.  Facts are not a strong point of the vegan brain.

And so that will be the last time I ever do anything in the way of healing with a vegan.   So help me!

  • Ashley

    Holy moly! That’s a crazy story! Although I doubt you had anything to fear, those vegans wouldn’t have had enough energy to chase after you lol.
    Quick question, are green smoothies allowed? Can you add berries until you get adjusted to the taste of “greens”? Should I worry about the raw greens affecting my thyroid? I’ve heard that rumor before.
    Thank you again! Blessings!

    • http://alkalinepaleodiet.com Cassie

      Hi Ashley,
      Yes, Holy moly! My experience was funny and I guess a bit sad too as so many more people are starting to eat vegan nowadays. What does this mean for the children of these diets? Is the vegan diet better than a junk food diet?

      Anyway to your question. I wouldn’t do anything raw to begin with. Raw food is hard on a body with a problem with the thyroid. Raw foods are “cold”, that is to say they are hard for the digestion. And people with thyroid issues (which is most of western society nowadays) need good “warm” foods in their digestive track. This has nothing to do with temperature it has to do with what Chinese medicine says about “stomach fire”. Stick to cooked greens and plenty of them for the time being. Drizzle with some good olive oil, sprinkle with salt and add a squirt of lemon juice. Yum!

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    What a story, gosh!

    • http://alkalinepaleodiet.com Cassie

      Yep! Life is very interesting!

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.craft.5851 John Craft

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  • Susan .

    This cats eyesight is already severely compromised. It will quickly go blind and develop neurological abnormalities. Cats are Obligate Carnivores – they CANNOT obtain their essential nutrition from plant sources. This act of blatant animal cruelty should be reported to animal welfare.

    • http://www.alkalinepaleodiet.com/ Cassie Bond

      Hi Susan,
      Sorry I should have updated this article. It turns out I was WRONG. The cat does get meat. Thank you for you concern for the cat.

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