The Alkaline Paleo diet is  a diet using the best of the Paleo foods and the best of the Alkaline foods.

I am going to outline below what is the best things about the Paleo diet and the best things about the Alkaline diet.

I have had 10 years experience using the Alkaline diet and have benefited from it immensely.

And now I have had 3 years using the Alkaline Paleo diet and I have found these two diets combined are wonderful when used together.

The Benefits of the Paleo Part of the diet:

  • We  get the nutrients the body needs to heal.  The essential amino acids in a digestible
    gorillaform are available from grass fed meats.  Our digestive system simply has not been able to ‘devolve’ fast enough to be able to get these amino acids from plant based foods.   I say ‘devolve’ because gorilla’s, who have a very different stomach than ours, are unlike us as they can get the nutrients they need from plants- but at a cost…. their brains never evolved to human size with this kind of diet.  Interestingly enough they  turn this plant food into fats.
  • We don’ t eat grains which have been found to cause acidifying inflammation in the body.Grains have been consumed by humans for 0.4% of the time we have inhabited earth, meaning 99.6% of the time we ate no grains.
  • We don’t eat fruit except in small quantities- only when in season in our local area- as fruit sugars turn straight into triglycerides in the body.  Modern species of fruits are now very high in sugar which is also acidifying to the body.
  • We get plenty of essential saturated fatty acids.  Good saturated fats are essential for a healthy hormonal system, heart health and a healthy brain.
  • We eat no starchy carbohydrates. This means healthy bacteria get to thrive in our guts as we don’t eat the carbohydrates that feed the bacteria  we don’t want to thrive like Candida Albicans and the  bacterium Clostridium difficile.
  • We drink mostly water instead of fruit juice, alcohol, coffee and soda’s.  We no longer need stimulants as we have given our bodies the nutrients it needs including the amino acids which are so important for emotional health.
  • We don’t eat dairy foods which many people are intolerant or sensitive to.  All food sensitivities cause inflammation.  All pasteurized dairy is a lot harder to digest for all people even if they are not sensitive.
  • We eat a much higher ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6.  Modern day diets have far too much polyunsaturated foods and oils leading us to have an imbalance in the omega 3 to 6 ratios.  High Omega 6  ratios are inflammatory to the body.
  • Our blood sugar doesn’t rise and fall like it does eating a starchy plant based diet.  A stable blood sugar is important for health, clear thinking, an happy temperament and  longevity.
  • Eating plenty of good saturated fats assists the body to detoxify certain toxic chemicals.
  • We get plenty of Vitamin K2 from grass fed meats which is essential for the body to be able to lay down calcium into the bones.  Without K2, calcium can’t go where it’s needed and tends to end up in gall bladder & kidney stones and in plague in the blood vessels.  

 High carb foods = low stomach acidity=low bicarbonate levels = high bacterial invasion of stomach = lack of digestion of nutrients = high level of bacterial overgrowth in small intestine = an overly acidic body= exhausted adrenal glands= hypothyroidism

The Paleo diet alone will do wonders for your health but put the Paleo with the Alkaline and the benefits are faster and better!


Never before in human history have we had such a sedentary life, so much chronic stress, so many toxins from our environment, so much more inflammation in the body and so much more acid creating food and drink.  Our ancestors could run away from danger and in the running they were able to do something physically active thereby relieving the stress.  In today’s world we often just stay stressed on a constant basis.  When we  can’t  run from the danger – and danger comes in different forms, the stress in our bodies manifests as a long term chronic suppressed state that is highly acidifying to the body.  Hence the very real need for more alkaline food and drink.


The Benefits the Alkaline Part of the diet:

  • We eat plenty of bright coloured vegetables which contain lots of Polyphenols – antioxidants know to have anticancer effects.
  • We get plenty of blood bicarbonates to alkalize the blood which in turn creates high stomach acidity to digest protein.
  • Our saliva becomes alkaline which aids in preventing tooth decay
  • We get plenty of alkaline buffers in the bloodstream. Pancreatic fluid is made from these buffers to alkalize the chyme from the stomach.
  • Our blood becomes much more oxygenated.  Greater oxygenation from alkalizing leads to more energy available to the cell and more energy available to us.
  • We get more of these very important nutrients – magnesium, potassium, sulphur, manganese and betaine from eating leafy greens.
  • We will maintain strong bones. Alkaline minerals from our bones will not be needed when we need to buffer the vital pH of our blood.
  • Alkalinity assists the body to detoxify from various inorganic and organic toxins.
  • We drink  alkaline antioxidant water which is very useful in achieving an alkaline body without needing to eat lots of leafy greens.
  • We get improved immunity as an alkaline body is not a good host for unwanted bacteria.
  • When we are alkaline the body has sufficient stores of alkalinity to help stored fat in cells be neutralized.  When neutralized the body can let go of its fat and we lose weight.