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What About Metabolic Typing?

A friend said she had tried the low carb diet years ago and it didn't work for her.  She told me it made her feel unwell and that she needed carbs because that was her Metabolic Typing.  I wondered at the time whether this would be something that would come up for a lot of people who have learned about the Metabolic Typing diet, as they are not warned of the healing symptoms that do occur on the Alkaline Paleo diet. One thing I did notice about my friends eating habits was that she ate quite a … [Read more...]

Leaky Gut or Intestinal Permeability- It Doesn’t Exist or Does It?

According to most doctors it doesn't except in people who are really sick. According to me it does as proved by using a test on my beloved using non digestible sugars to see if they leak into the urine. He proved positive.  Well, well, how surprising, not!.  My beloved is a Neolithic disease sufferer.  He is a classic case as not only has he lived a life where we were told that carbs were good for us (so he had eaten plenty of wholemeal bread) but he was also a vegetarian for many years. … [Read more...]

Autoimmune diseases can be turned around with Paleo Diet – One mans incredible journey

Taken from I am sure with time he will make a full recovery turning his whole health around. "For the purposes of this website, my life was pretty boring until 2005. And then at the age of 25, out of nowhere, I had a stroke. 2005 – a few months after the stroke I had always considered myself to be pretty healthy, and had no major health issues prior to that. The stroke occurred as a result of a lesion (most likely a blood clot) in the right side … [Read more...]

The Astounding Information Available on The Paleo Diet/Low Carb, High Fat Diet.

What I have found out about the Paleo diet is that people on it seem to be such givers.  The information that these people are contributing in blogs is astounding and most of it seems  to be given in the spirit of truly wanting to help people get healthy. I also love the fact that people seem to get more intelligent, emotionally and intellectually on the Paleo diet.   To me this means that our Agrarian (Agriculural diet) diet may have been making us dumber.  Not surprising considering what … [Read more...]

Musings on a Friend’s Dinner Party with Vegans, Paleos, Non Red Meat Eaters, Non Fish Eaters, Non Dairy Eaters, Non Sugar Eaters

At a recent friend's dinner party we had all of the above.  I and my beloved are Paleo (me no dairy either),  a vegan couple and the couple who hosted the evening, one doesn't eat red meat and the other can't abide fish.  I don't know what the other four women were or weren't eating.  Oh... and add to that that the vegans and I do not drink alcohol (not since that hangover that lasted all night and the next day!). Not to wonder, our hostess friend was starting to lose patience this time … [Read more...]

Let me tell you my Story of Italy and How I Lost my Sanity

Italy on a alkaline paleo diet....hmm.... can I tell you about the cakes?  Northern Italy has the best cream cakes ever, well probably not as good as Holland but...France has the crustiest bread and the cherries and peaches in Italia are out of this world!  All these things have been absolutely no no's for me since I started using the Paleo diet  and getting well a year ago.  Oh, I haven't mentioned the Italian wines! I had been a year and a half on the Paleo diet and then.... I had been … [Read more...]

My Response to a Woman Whose Sanity is Questioned Because She has her Kids on a Paleo Diet.

This lady has been on the Low Carb/High Fat diet.  In a previous testimonial she told the story of how her oncologist has  found that her benign brain tumour is now  shrinking.   She has had two scans and the latest scan shows it has shrunk even further. Given this fact it is even more astounding that her husband can be so against her decision to feed her children the same food that is making her well. Her Letter: Dear fellow Candida sufferers, Yesterday, my very dear husband did the … [Read more...]

A Brain Tumour Shrinks- a testimonial from someone on this diet

The Testimonial October 3rd 2011 The other day I went to my neuro-oncologist to get my bi-annual MRI as I have a brain tumor that was discovered in 2001. Do you know what she said to me, the tumor had remarkably shrunk. It is a benign tumor but it has actually shrunk. I remember being told that my tumor would shrink on this program but I didn't think that it would actually happen as quickly as it did. I have been on the diet for about 3 months now. My MRI shows a considerable … [Read more...]

An Alkaline Scrub to Deter Bacteria forming Calculus & Plague on the Teeth & Gums

This healthy gum recipe creates an environment in and around your teeth in which the harmful bacteria can’t live (they can’t stand oxygen and/or silver water). The recipe neutralises the acid environment in the gum (which is created from the waste products of the bacteria). These harmful bacteria don’t like the alkaline, or neutral, environment created by the salt, baking soda, colloidal silver and/or hydrogen peroxide. The Recipe Dry ingredients • Sodium bicarbonate(Bi-carb of soda) – … [Read more...]