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Detoxify Using Good Fats and Nutrition

The internet is full of themost 'wonderful' and 'easy' ways to detoxify the body.   It's as if all our physical problems are onlycaused by the toxins we daily get bombarded with, from our food to our air.  Ah, if life were that simple! The Truth About Detoxifying with a Juice Cleanse, a Water Cleanse or a Colonic When we get sick, we go on the net or to a natural therapist, and the inevitable answer seems to be go on a fast or cleanse with juices or just plain water.   Or perhaps we are … [Read more...]

Testing Your Bodies Alkalinity – A Unique Way

I received the below questions and decided my stunning answers ;-) were worth posting.. so here goes.   [ez_box title="Question on Testing Alkalinity" color="green"] Hi Cassie , How often are you testing and how are you testing your pH to see if all is good on the Paleo /alkaline diet ? Thanks Glenn   [/ez_box]       [ez_box title="How to Test with a Ketone Meter" color="blue"]   Hi Glenn,  I am using a rather unique way of testing my alkalinity.  I am using a Ketone meter to measure … [Read more...]

Greatest Aioli Mayonaise Recipe- Nice and Easy!

  This recipe make quite a bit of Aioli, enough for serving on 4 plates of veges, so you might want to halve it I don't have a blender so I use my little kitchen hand blender with the little blender attachment bowl  Works well when using only half of the recipe.     [ez_box title="Combine" color="orange"] 3 medium cloves of crushed garlic (or more if you like it) 1/2 cup fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice and/or cider vinegar (cider vinegar is quite strong tasting)   … [Read more...]