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Update of Ian’s Osteoporosis After a DXA (Bone Density) Scan

The DXA The results were one year after his last DXA scan my 66 year old husbands femur is 8% more dense and his spine is ever so slightly worse.  As there was so little change in the spine I am thinking the DXA scan could have got it wrong and it's really about the same as it was as why else is his femur so much better and not his spine?  Anyway I need to concentrate on what is really, really good and not worry about what could be just a mistaken reading by the DXA scanner, as I have read … [Read more...]

Warning:Don’t Feed the Cancer! High Carbohydrate Food is Cancer’s Source of Fuel

This is such a simple and obvious thing but this simple fact get avoided time and time again. Cancers only diet is glucose. Starving Cancer Out by Fasting  Fasting has proven in studies that if you don't die of starvation first then Cancer loses it's source of fuel and then dies.  How obvious is this! There is problems with fasting of course.  In a weakened state such as the body is with Cancer then restricting nutrition can really be a problem.   Energy loss, nutrient deficiencies … [Read more...]

Stevia Sweetened Almond Meal Chocolate Cake

  This is a cake for only very, very special occasions and only when you are well on the road to recovery. So saying we all need something to make for those times when we are asked to bring something to a gathering and we don't want to bring what we now know, is not only poisonous to our bodies, but pretty well much everyone else.   [ez_box title="Stevia & 85% Dark Chocolate Almond Meal Cake" color="orange"] Ingredients 100g extra virgin coconut oil 150g 85% or … [Read more...]

Coconut Milk Recipe

  While I am not in favor in the beginning stages of this diet to have coconut in any other form than the oil I do understand the problem with ingesting large quantities of the oil without something to make it easier to go down. With that I am posting my coconut nut milk recipe.   [ez_box title="Coconut Milk" color="green"] 3 cups of shredded organic coconut. 4 cups of filtered water.  Combine in a smallish pot and bring to a simmer. Simmer on very low for 10 … [Read more...]

Alkaline Paleo is for Sick People, Not Just Fitness Freaks

One of the things I think is giving Paleo a bad name for some people is that they are getting the idea it's only for the overweight diabetics or for the fit  & healthy to get more muscles. I am not fit and I am still in the midst of getting well after 3 years on this diet (I did make a mistake a year ago which set me back hugely, see this post) and I am not fat at all, unless I am compared to a fashion model of today. I am now in full on Menopause and because I had Glandular fever and … [Read more...]