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Diabetes Type 1 in Children

I was inspired to write another blog post, although I am pretty sure no one looks at my site, about Diabetes type 1 and the LCHF diet. I went to visit a family yesterday, for business reasons, and they had a boy who had type 1 diabetes.  He was cranky and hungry.  The highs and lows of blood sugar can create this kind of problems for anyone let alone someone suffering from Diabetes Type 1. I decided to do a little online searching for anything new regarding the use of a LCHF diet for this … [Read more...]

I am still here and still on the Alkaline Paleo diet if anyone wants to know

I wouldn't quit it for the world.  Been on it for over 5 years now.  Best thing I ever did for my health and thank goodness I did. Finally I know what my body really wants to eat. Finally I understand what the carbohydrate addiction was really.  Damn those assholes who told us low fat high carbohydrate food was healthy. So many people have had to suffer and die for so long because of the lies from the food industry, drug industry, drug company paid scientists and doctors and … [Read more...]