A Brain Tumour Shrinks- a testimonial from someone on this diet

The Testimonial

October 3rd 2011
The other day I went to my neuro-oncologist to get my bi-annual MRI as I
have a brain tumor that was discovered in 2001. Do you know what she said to
me, the tumor had remarkably shrunk. It is a benign tumor but it has
actually shrunk. I remember being told that my tumor would shrink on this program
but I didn’t think that it would actually happen as quickly as it did. I have been
on the diet for about 3 months now. My MRI shows a considerable difference
between the most recent tumor and the previous one. I am so floored that for all of
those who are non-believers in the importance of diet in the acquisition of
good health, all they have to do is just look at my MRI’s.
Thanks again,

March 23rd 2012
I just got back from my Neuro-oncologist who told me that remarkably my
brain tumor has shrunk but again. She told me that she’s even going to
undertake a study on the ketogenic diet and brain tumors because of the
progress that my tumor has made.
15 months on program and shrinking


  1. barbara plemeniti says

    Do you have meningioma or acoustic neuroma or something else?

    • It wasn’t me it was a testimonial from someone.
      I don’t know what kind it was but I don’t think it matters as all brain tumours responds very well when they are not fed.

      • Would you please let us know more about her experience from the program, including type of brain tumor, change history of tumor size before and after program, length and type of treatment/program, symptoms before and after treatment/program, any other accompanying therapy/nutients, etc.

      • What is the diet for shrinking the brain tumour?

  2. Hi Cassie, I just stumbled soon this. I have multiple Meningiomas. Am on watch and wait and one is growing quickly. Do you really feel this diet will help shrink them?

  3. Jose Dadivas says

    Hi Cassie, read your story re: shrinking of your benign brain tumor, thats good news. I to have a benign brain tumor(low glioma 6cm)and I’m inspired to try your diet hoping it will work on me. Can I eat multigrain(red, black or brown)rice together with alkaline/paleo diet?

    • Hi Jose,

      I have been unable to access my site for a long time so did not answer you question, I sorry for that and hope you are doing well.
      In answer to you question regarding rice, rice is just another starchy carbohydrate and should not be eaten as it will feed the tumor.

      • Jose Dadivas says

        hi cassey, i am now trying the alkaline/paleo/keto, started august, 2017 till this day, hope and pray it shrinks on my next ct scan, wish me luck will keep you poted for the results.

        • I wish you a lot of strength to keep making changes in your life for the better.
          Change in any form needs lots of Courage.
          Remember to remember to say “I love you Jose”. And mean it as much as you can.

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