Alkaline Paleo is for Sick People, Not Just Fitness Freaks

One of the things I think is giving Paleo a bad name for some people is that they are getting the idea it’s only for the overweight diabetics or for the fit  & healthy to get more muscles.

I am not fit and I am still in the midst of getting well after 3 years on this diet (I did make a mistake a year ago which set me back hugely, see this post) and I am not fat at all, unless I am compared to a fashion model of today.

I am now in full on Menopause and because I had Glandular fever and kept imbibing a lot of alcohol when I was only 17, I severely compromised my liver.

I was also a very early alcohol drinker, I was only age 5 when I got drunk for the first time.  As a result of all this I now have a very sensitive liver.   Menopause causes a higher level of hormones in the system which causes more work for my rather compromised liver. And so my liver is not taking anything (alcohol, tea, spices, chemicals, even chicken) at all well.

I’m sort of back where I was at the beginning, when I started this diet.  I have to really be careful of what I am eating, drinking, putting on my skin and breathing in.

As long as I do this I remain well, but if I stray I pay.

This is what has brought me to the recognition that I am not the poster child for Paleo as I know so many people aren’t and won’t ever be due to the length of time they have been sick or how old they are.  It just isn’t that easy to achieve immediate incredible health.

I am not saying that most of us won’t get a whole lot better, but the idea that we will all ever get to the point where Crossfit or bodybuilding is going to be our thing is not realistic.   

The other thing is, just going on the diet without some nutritional supplementation while getting well is also unrealistic.

The sick body needs all the help it can get, mineral supplements, vitamins even some herbal remedies.  Sometimes added supplements of certain Amino Acids will balance what is not working and supplementing with coconut oil can be another important nutritional step.

I am not saying that the diet by itself won’t eventually balance the body but it could take too long if we are coming from a very unwell body.  It’s all too long, I know, I hear you!

The hard bit is getting these nutritional supplements right.  The body is a very, very sensitive thing, despite the blasting it get with all the drugs and the wrong foods for so long.  I look at my husband as an example of this so called hardiness.  He is the poster child of the tough guy. He would always  say to anyone when the subject come up, “I’m healthy, nothing wrong with me!”.
And then as he get to a certain age he is showing big signs of Alzheimer’s and bad osteoporosis.”  Yeah, nothings wrong with him!

Since he has been on this diet he has become a hell of a lot more bodily sensitive.  The problems that weren’t evident for so long were just hiding it seems.

….And it seems like there is a lot of us who are walking time bombs like my lovely hubby.

Anyway, that isn’t really my point, I got off track, my point is this diet is for the sick.  People who have bad health issues, not that I am saying that diabetic’s aren’t very sick they are, but it’s becoming very apparent that there is so much more that a very strict alkaline paleo diet can cure.

I don’t want people to think you can just go on the Paleo program and all will be okey-dokey because it just won’t.  There is a lot of work to do.  Everyone will be in their own particular place in their bodies.  It is VERY individual and some of us could really use an expert  ‘Paleopath’ (an alternative medicine expert who knows the very different things that happen to a body when going on a low carb, high fat.)

I am learning so much and it makes me realize how much I DON’T know.  I am learning about Amino Acids and how they can make such a difference to craving, sleeplessness, food sensitivities for example, Glycine can greatly help salicylates sensitivities.
No one should have food sensitivities to good foods but we do and until our bodies are back in balance we will.
No one should be Amino Acid deficient but they are because of the way we have been eating for so long.   We can’t underestimate the problems that a digestive system which just can’t get the nutrients it needs as it is just limping around on one leg!


  1. Cassie, I am Ketogenic Raw Paleo with very few carbs. The just don’t work for me. The carbs I do eat come from the low cal veg family- celery, Bell Peppers and Chinese Broccoli being my favs. The first time I ate raw chopped round with equal parts raw chopped fat was a little difficult. I mixed in Vietnamese Fish Sauce, Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs), hot chillies and I was off the the races. After a bite or two I was hooked. I liked it slightly chilled. Amazingly, it was a spiritual experience and I continue to bless and thank the animal for his/her life force and feel regret for what was probably a horrendous death. Two years and now going strong.
    I don’t know if such a diet is healthy for everyone, but has made profound differences to my life and health.

  2. Bill Portnova says

    I love your site, has great info, I have been doing the paleo diet for about 1 year and love it, I even put a blog together to help people understand what the paleo diet is all about, thanks again for the great write up. Get 20 free paleo diet recipes from my paleo diet blog.

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