Another Approach to Alzheimers’ using something very simple.

As you know, I’ve had incipient Alzheimers’ Disease. And it was getting worse before Cassie found a video on YouTube by Dr Mary Newport about coconut oil. I began her regime and experienced immediate return to what I remembered as normal. Cassie saw the difference.. so it must be true. In fact we also made a video of our experience and here it is.

In Italy for the last six months I was without it and watched helplessly as Herr Alzheimer crept back. Scary stuff, I can tell you.

Of course there’s a good supply of good organic coco oil through AlkaWay, so now I’m home, I have snapped back to normal with my daily dose.

Now she’s done it again. It sure is good living with a wonder woman. This time Cassie has found a fascinating link about the use of Vitamin C for Alzheimers’ and it’s as exciting as the coco oil link. More, she found actual stories by people involved. Here’s the .pdf download