Can’t get bad body odor out of clothes no matter what you do?

Well this a very left of field blog post, but for me it is a rather big discovery.

I have a son whose body odor doesn’t wash out even with a very hot wash, and I have finally found the easy solution.

Several years ago I searched online for a solution, and the only solution I found that finally worked was long and laborious and not something my son would ever do.
To remove the odor I had to mix up undiluted vinegar and bi- carbonate of soda, soak the armpits of his shirts with this mix, leave it on wet for a few days and then hot wash. This method sometimes had to be repeated before it worked.

And this solution could only be used for the  armpits of his clothes. If he needed a whole clothing item done there was no way I could or would ever do it.

Would my son ever have done this? No way!  And so he just kept smelling.

I finally gave up trying for several years until now, due to his having had a very bad accident and being bed bound for 4 months, and of course, being mum as I was his carer.  I had to do his washing again.

This is when I discovered Vanilla Essence (not the imitation variety) as the ultimate answer!
It works and it’s easy!

Put some water in a spray bottle (the smaller pump up ones are very good) add some vanilla essence and spray on clothing.   Doesn’t matter how long you leave it.  You can spray and leave it in the washing basket till wash day if you want.
This mix even works for those horrible chemical smells that are in new mattresses, just spray on and leave to dry.

And if it is something like a down parka, just spray on an leave to dry.   I did have to do it a couple of times in the under arm area as I guess all the feathers needed to be in contact with the vanilla. No need to wash.

Just keep spray bottle ready and you can even use it for any odor.

I researched and researched on why was it my son has this body odor.  Funnily enough my sister had it, so maybe it’s some hereditary thing.  I remember mum washing my sisters clothes whenever she got the chance, even when my sister was in her 20’s.

Years ago, I posted that coconut oil and bi-carbonate of soda works well as an underarm deodorant, and it is true it does.  But there is a downside to using coconut oil.  It was that I generally smelt of coconut oil, which was rather like my cooking smells in the kitchen. Not something I wanted to smell like.

Then I found a much better and easier way.  I purchased some oil free moisturizer for sensitive skins and now use it under my arms and then dab some bi-carbonate on top. I smell sweet for days (yes, sometimes I don’t have a shower every day OMG!) and this mixture even works for my son!!!!!!

Sweet smell-less bliss!