Can’t get bad body odor out of clothes no matter what you do?

Well this a very left of field blog post, but for me it is a rather big discovery. I have a son whose body odor doesn't wash out even with a very hot wash, and I have finally found the easy solution. Several years ago I searched online for a solution, and the only solution I found that finally worked was long and laborious and not something my son would ever do. To remove the odor I had to mix up undiluted vinegar and bi- carbonate of soda, soak the armpits of his shirts with this mix, … [Read more...]

A Good Question About an Alkaline Diet, GERD and Whether to Eat Grains or Not

 Hello Cassie, I'm from méxico and i really need some help!! I've been having gerd  or acid reflux for 9 months now!!! Yesterday i decided to go alkaline and  just in one day i felt much better,,,i substituted meat with quinoa and  buckwheat as another alkaline website said ( by the way it said totally  avoid animal products and so i did, hopefully you are familiar with dr  youngs approach) i had a serving of buckwheat for breakfast..a little quinoa  for lunch and a lentil muffin … [Read more...]