Phillips’ New BioLight runs on bacteria

The search for greener, more power-efficient lighting systems won't stop with compact fluorescents and LED systems if Dutch electronics giant Philips has anything to say about it. In an effort to embrace a truly natural approach to lighting, the company took a cue from fireflies and deep-sea creatures to create a (literally) green light powered not by electricity or sunlight, but by glowing bioluminescent bacteria.   I know the perfect place for it to blaze away happily; teenagers' rooms. … [Read more...]

A good Laugh about Science vs. Wonder

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George Bush Acidic? Heavens to Betsy No!

Graham, our general manager, contributes to a health blog in the US. He posts to it just like this blog, and he includes many articles we have on file here in Australia. One such article was written by me about acidic or alkaline 'personalities' pointing out that calm people are usually more alkaline, and aggressive people more acidic. The first example of an acidic personality I suggested was the late Saddam Hussein. The second example was of an alkaline type; the Dalai Lama. Now... up until … [Read more...]

It’s Mad Science Week!

Ok. Here's another one. A ring of magnets implanted in your anus to prevent 'accidents'. So wise guys, wat happens if the poor recipient sits on a  metal seat? … [Read more...]

A robot in my bedroom?

Why is it always the Japanese who invent these things? Last week I saw a Japanese attempt at a robotic guide dog. This week a robot to help dress old folks. Not in my lifetime!   The mind boggles at the vision of me as an an eighty year old getting out of bed, being greeted by a synthetic voice and manhandles into a Lowes' tracksuit. … [Read more...]

You Better watch out, you better not cry…

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Why Graffiti Artists don’t drive cars

Aww. Shucks. Did someone do unto you as you do to others? … [Read more...]