Diabetes Type 1 in Children

I was inspired to write another blog post, although I am pretty sure no one looks at my site, about Diabetes type 1 and the LCHF diet. I went to visit a family yesterday, for business reasons, and they had a boy who had type 1 diabetes.  He was cranky and hungry.  The highs and lows of blood sugar can create this kind of problems for anyone let alone someone suffering from Diabetes Type 1. I decided to do a little online searching for anything new regarding the use of a LCHF diet for this … [Read more...]

I am still here and still on the Alkaline Paleo diet if anyone wants to know

I wouldn't quit it for the world.  Been on it for over 5 years now.  Best thing I ever did for my health and thank goodness I did. Finally I know what my body really wants to eat. Finally I understand what the carbohydrate addiction was really.  Damn those assholes who told us low fat high carbohydrate food was healthy. So many people have had to suffer and die for so long because of the lies from the food industry, drug industry, drug company paid scientists and doctors and … [Read more...]

Self Responsibility and Self Empowerment

I believe the whole subject of my decision for my dietary choice is in the end about my own self-empowerment. Can I decide for myself what I need to eat for my bodies health?  Or am I at the mercy of my cravings or someone else’s food cult?  Because whenever I decide that someone else is going to fix me I have given my power away. And when I give my power away to someone else’s ideas I know now that I will be assured of the limited consequences of this choice.  This choice will lead me to … [Read more...]

Cereal Killers the Movie

I think this movie is going to be a good one.  I helped fund the making of it and now it's up to us to spread the word and get it's message out to everyone. The guys who made this movie have tried to get on commercial stations and there is a resounding no to their request. I think we can all get this movie into the mainstream by sharing the link and it only costs a few $ to watch. Pre-Order your viewing  for the grand opening on the 15th of December 2103 on this link: Cereal … [Read more...]

Hi I’m back….. for the moment

Lately, actually for quite a while I haven't written anything as I have been very busy with work.  As with a lot of people at the moment the current financial crisis in Australia with small business has been very much in my face.  Luckily for me I feel so much more capable to deal with this crisis than I ever have. I have to put that down to this diet, water and the wonderful health I now happily live with.  Both mentally and physically I am alert and energetic and ready to do what needs to … [Read more...]

Question: To Eat Safe Starches or Not

I received a question below that I want to post here as I believe it's very important. "Hello! I found your site via paleohacks. I’m torn right now between doing your diet and a safe starch carb cycling paleo diet. Basically two years ago I went paleo and dropped some weight…about 10lbs. I then lost my period. I didn’t get it back until I had gained all the weight back plus six pounds. I had to eat lots of bad food just to gain the weight and restart my cycle. So I’m afraid to cut starches. … [Read more...]

Turmeric…and Carrots! for Menopausal Discomforts

Although I did mention one of the wonderful side effects of the Alkaline Paleo diet was peri-menopausal symptom reduction, at age 53, I am now in full menopause (1 period in the last 18 months). The hot flushes were becoming very intense and I would be kept awake all night. It wasn't just the hot flushes, I was also waking at 2am (the liver hour) every night and not being able to go back to sleep.  My other symptoms were  a tight and achy back of my neck (liver meridian area) and  achy knees. … [Read more...]

Results of My First Bone Density Scan and My Latest Blood Test

  Since we found out Ian was  osteoporotic last year, I decided it was time for my  first DXA scan.  How else am I to find out whether my bone density is getting better (or worse) on the Alkaline Paleo Diet if I don't know what it's like now? At age 53 and menopausal,  the results of the DXA scan shows that I am not as yet in any danger zone.  I have no osteopenia (the precursor to osteoporosis)  but I am not in the age 20 years bracket for bone health.   I am in the top of the … [Read more...]

Update of Ian’s Osteoporosis After a DXA (Bone Density) Scan

The DXA The results were one year after his last DXA scan my 66 year old husbands femur is 8% more dense and his spine is ever so slightly worse.  As there was so little change in the spine I am thinking the DXA scan could have got it wrong and it's really about the same as it was as why else is his femur so much better and not his spine?  Anyway I need to concentrate on what is really, really good and not worry about what could be just a mistaken reading by the DXA scanner, as I have read … [Read more...]

Warning:Don’t Feed the Cancer! High Carbohydrate Food is Cancer’s Source of Fuel

This is such a simple and obvious thing but this simple fact get avoided time and time again. Cancers only diet is glucose. Starving Cancer Out by Fasting  Fasting has proven in studies that if you don't die of starvation first then Cancer loses it's source of fuel and then dies.  How obvious is this! There is problems with fasting of course.  In a weakened state such as the body is with Cancer then restricting nutrition can really be a problem.   Energy loss, nutrient deficiencies … [Read more...]