Stevia Sweetened Almond Meal Chocolate Cake

  This is a cake for only very, very special occasions and only when you are well on the road to recovery. So saying we all need something to make for those times when we are asked to bring something to a gathering and we don't want to bring what we now know, is not only poisonous to our bodies, but pretty well much everyone else.   [ez_box title="Stevia & 85% Dark Chocolate Almond Meal Cake" color="orange"] Ingredients 100g extra virgin coconut oil 150g 85% or … [Read more...]

Coconut Milk Recipe

  While I am not in favor in the beginning stages of this diet to have coconut in any other form than the oil I do understand the problem with ingesting large quantities of the oil without something to make it easier to go down. With that I am posting my coconut nut milk recipe.   [ez_box title="Coconut Milk" color="green"] 3 cups of shredded organic coconut. 4 cups of filtered water.  Combine in a smallish pot and bring to a simmer. Simmer on very low for 10 … [Read more...]

Alkaline Paleo is for Sick People, Not Just Fitness Freaks

One of the things I think is giving Paleo a bad name for some people is that they are getting the idea it's only for the overweight diabetics or for the fit  & healthy to get more muscles. I am not fit and I am still in the midst of getting well after 3 years on this diet (I did make a mistake a year ago which set me back hugely, see this post) and I am not fat at all, unless I am compared to a fashion model of today. I am now in full on Menopause and because I had Glandular fever and … [Read more...]

Detoxify Using Good Fats and Nutrition

The internet is full of themost 'wonderful' and 'easy' ways to detoxify the body.   It's as if all our physical problems are onlycaused by the toxins we daily get bombarded with, from our food to our air.  Ah, if life were that simple! The Truth About Detoxifying with a Juice Cleanse, a Water Cleanse or a Colonic When we get sick, we go on the net or to a natural therapist, and the inevitable answer seems to be go on a fast or cleanse with juices or just plain water.   Or perhaps we are … [Read more...]

Testing Your Bodies Alkalinity – A Unique Way

I received the below questions and decided my stunning answers ;-) were worth posting.. so here goes.   [ez_box title="Question on Testing Alkalinity" color="green"] Hi Cassie , How often are you testing and how are you testing your pH to see if all is good on the Paleo /alkaline diet ? Thanks Glenn   [/ez_box]       [ez_box title="How to Test with a Ketone Meter" color="blue"]   Hi Glenn,  I am using a rather unique way of testing my alkalinity.  I am using a Ketone meter to measure … [Read more...]

Living Low Carb La Vida Jimmy Moore comes to Australia in November 2012

Check out Low Carb Downunder here  for information and tickets to see Jimmy Moore and others experts on Paleo/Low Carb in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Byron Bay. There will be a wide range of speakers and panel discussions on the themes of low-carb nutrition, eating healthy fats, sourcing and preparing healthy whole foods, exercise, the paleo approach and also nourishing our food producing environment in a sustainable way. Issues that will be addressed include Overweight, Obesity, … [Read more...]

Ian’s Osteoporosis, Broken Ankle, Atherosclerosis & Alzheimers Progress Report

In April 2011 Ian, my husband, and I made a video(below) and put in on you tube.  We talked about how coconut oil had been so effective after we discovered it could be used for Ian's Alzheimer's symptoms. In December 2011, just before Christmas. Ian broke his ankle. and we discovered he had Osteoporosis &  a little later, atherosclerosis, which then led to many new understandings about the root cause of all three of his … [Read more...]