How to Make Your Own Beef Tallow or Lard

Organic Beef Lard I have just made my own beef lard.  I made it from organic, grass fed animal,  beef fat that I purchased from my butcher. The beef fat needs to come from a grass fed animal not an animal  finished in a grain feed lot.  Fats that come from animals fed grains are not healthy animals.  When their faeces are tested  they have way too much of the bad bacteria and way too little of the good.  Just like us they cannot do well on grains and this affects their fat.  Their natural … [Read more...]

What is Leaky Gut? aka Intestinal Permeability also called Gut Dysbiosis?

What Is Leaky Gut – The Science Behind It It might surprise you but Leaky Gut is exactly what it sounds like. The cells that line the intestinal wall are meant to act as a barrier to only allow fully digested nutrients through this wall and then into your blood stream and then is utilized within your body. But when Leaky Gut develops, these tightly packed cells begin to lose their structure and gaps form between them which allows undigested food particles, bacteria, yeast, … [Read more...]

Meditation: Is It Good For Anything?

There is a new study out about meditation and it has been proven to be a very good thing indeed.   It appears that meditation measurably changes the brain for the better even when not meditating. I have been meditating on a regular basis for quite a few years and I can vouch for it's ability to help my sense of well being and my ability to care for others in a healthy way.  Meditation is not about not thinking.... The practise of meditation is about becoming as aware of what you are … [Read more...]

Why is going on a Paleo diet like childbirth?

Why is going Paleo like childbirth? Because we forget how bad it was to do the change over! Maybe not for a 20 or 30 year old but once you get to be 40 or 50 and onwards then the change over from a glucose burning body to fat burning body so be a bit hard.  The older body finds the adaptation much harder. I was reading my old diaries from exactly 2 years and 7 months ago and I gotta tell you at the beginning of this diet, I felt bad.  I was  pretty darned depressed.  I had started the … [Read more...]

Balanced Sex Hormones from Eating Grain Free & Don’t Be Scared of Healing Symptoms

Someone asked the question:Do you have any evidence (studies, even anecdotal) regarding the impact of carb intake on female hormones? This is my attempt to answer it. My experience of  Hormonal Rebalancing as a result of being Alkaline Paleo I started eating the Alkaline Paleo  because of IBS but as a result of eating this way my hormones have also become much more balanced. I do not eat any grains including rice for a very important reason as I will explain later down the  page. I … [Read more...]

Polyunsaturated Oils: Poison, Take at Your Own Risk

Is there really anything good to say about Omega 6 high Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA's) When we  eat these kind of oils they need to be eaten only in the whole food form, like nuts and seeds they came in. All polyunsaturated oils are highly unstable outside of their natural food containers and go rancid very easily. They cannot last outside of their nut or seed for longer than a few hours before going rancid.  Even whole nuts, grains & seeds go rancid fairly quickly and should be … [Read more...]

Is Gluten Only in Wheat? Watch this Video. Its Well Worth It.

This video really helped me to understand why all grains are a problem.  I didn't actually really get it before and thought what's wrong with buckwheat?  Or millet?  Why do I still get sick eating these grains they don't have gluten do they? Well yes they do - and they can harm the gut wall just like wheat can. … [Read more...]

My Response to a Woman Whose Sanity is Questioned Because She has her Kids on a Paleo Diet.

This lady has been on the Low Carb/High Fat diet.  In a previous testimonial she told the story of how her oncologist has  found that her benign brain tumour is now  shrinking.   She has had two scans and the latest scan shows it has shrunk even further. Given this fact it is even more astounding that her husband can be so against her decision to feed her children the same food that is making her well. Her Letter: Dear fellow Candida sufferers, Yesterday, my very dear husband did the … [Read more...]

A Brain Tumour Shrinks- a testimonial from someone on this diet

The Testimonial October 3rd 2011 The other day I went to my neuro-oncologist to get my bi-annual MRI as I have a brain tumor that was discovered in 2001. Do you know what she said to me, the tumor had remarkably shrunk. It is a benign tumor but it has actually shrunk. I remember being told that my tumor would shrink on this program but I didn't think that it would actually happen as quickly as it did. I have been on the diet for about 3 months now. My MRI shows a considerable … [Read more...]

An Excerpt From the Movie “Fat Heads” called Big Fat Lies

This short excerpt shows in a simplified form but never the less powerful form, of how everyone got the wrong idea about saturated fats. … [Read more...]