Detoxify Using Good Fats and Nutrition

The internet is full of themost ‘wonderful’ and ‘easy’ ways to detoxify the body.   It’s as if all our physical problems are onlycaused by the toxins we daily get bombarded with, from our food to our air.  Ah, if life were that simple!

The Truth About Detoxifying with a Juice Cleanse, a Water Cleanse or a Colonic

When we get sick, we go on the net or to a natural therapist, and the inevitable answer seems to be go on a fast or cleanse with juices or just plain water.   Or perhaps we are advised to take a special detoxification product like a colon cleanse or to have a colonic?   There are  plenty of pills or potions that we are told can get rid of all sorts of toxins from the body.    I know because I have tried plenty of them!

When the Body is Overloaded, Toxins get Stored in our Fat Cells.

Toxins deposit into our fatty tissue.  It gets stored here because it’s the best way for the body to protect itself from these toxins.  If the toxins keep circulating in the blood stream then they will damage the organs. With a normal high carbohydrate diet, whilst utilizing glucose for energy, the bodies stored fat stays dormant.  The body just keeps using the glucose for energy and keeps storing the toxins in the fat cells.

When We ‘Cleanse’ the Fat Cells Start to be Mobilized.

So what happens when we go on cleanse, be it juice or water?  Firstly, is we usually drop our intake of calories and with this drop in calories we start to use our bodies stores of energy (fat and muscle) As we start to burn this fat for fuel the toxins freed from our fat cells enter our blood stream.

What Happens To All the Toxins that Can’t Be Eliminated on a Juice or Water Cleanse?

If the body is capable of eliminating those toxins through the liver, well, that’s great.  But…what if it’s not? What if  it just can’t because there are too many toxins or the liver is not healthy enough? Then the only recourse the body has, in order not to damage the organs, in to put those toxins back into the fat cells, keeping our body safe.

Problem: When the Body Couldn’t Eliminate all the Toxins from the Cleanse it Went back into the Fat Cells

  So we went on this cleanse and we got rid of some toxins but the rest had to get redeposited into the fat cell tissue.  This could also be dangerous for some people who are highly toxic as the circulating toxins will do damage to the organs. The added danger in this circumstance is that so-called ‘detox effects’ may actually be a case of poisoning!

How can I Use Alkaline Paleo Program to Cleanse?

Being on the Alkaline Paleo diet means we will begin to use our fat cell stores for energy. We no longer have the glucose fueling our body from the carbohydrates we ate.   This release of fat from our body’s fat stores means that toxins are being released into our blood stream on a constant basis.   This sounds like it could be big trouble for our body but for one important thing….we are eating plenty of good fats.

The Natural Detoxifier: Healthy Fats (animal, coconut  and olive oil) Can Chelate Toxins

Healthy fats are fantastic chelators.  Fats make toxins safe for the body to eliminate in a specific way so they won’t need to be redeposited back into the fat cells.  This means that our regular diet, the Alkaline Paleo diet, the diet that completely satisfies our hunger, taste and nutritional needs will also be your cleanse every single day! Good fats naturally cleanse the entire body, and help get rid of all heavy metals. Eric Davis points out in his article Health Hazards of Mercury:

“That is because neurotoxins are transported throughout the body attached to protein components of lipoproteins, and therefore require cholesterol for their transport and elimination. A rise in cholesterol levels and triglycerides in response to neurotoxins protects by preventing permanent attachment of the neurotoxin to the nerve and brain cells. Symptoms of neurotoxicity are most likely to occur when the cholesterol is lowered suddenly or when the affected patient goes on a low-fat, low-cholesterol, low-protein diet.”   

-This is  the reason cholesterol levels increase when a person is detoxifying.

Davis goes on to say:

“In a human trial, a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet was compared to a low-protein, high-carbohydrate diet. The researchers found greater clearance of toxins with the high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet and diminished clearance when the ratio was reversed. To utilize the protein correctly, the fat on the “lamb” needs to be eaten. The use of additional butter or lard in cooking is of paramount importance. By having adequate fat, bile production is stimulated, absorption of minerals increased and the excretion of mercury facilitated as long as constipation is avoided.” 

Good Fats: The Natural Colonic and Bowel Cleanse

Constipation can be avoided by consuming 80% good fat to 20% protein.  This is much much better than a colon cleanse.  Keeping the bowel clean with our food on an every day basis  is a much better idea than spending time lying on a table having water unnaturally inserted into our bowel or taking insoluble fiber or a laxative which both damage the bowel.

Eating Low Carbohydrate Gives the Pancreas a Well Earned Rest

Eating a high carbohydrate diet leaves the pancreas overworked and not capable of functioning as it should.  Without the high carbohydrates, plus being on the Alkaline Paleo diet the pancreas can heal and will work a whole lot better.  As the pancreas gets healthier it will recommence secretion of more of the enzyme, Lipase, which is needed to break down- fats.  

With a Healthy Pancreas we have better Fat Digestion and those Fats can now help us to Detoxify Safely.

Now add to this the great nutrition that the body is getting from the Alkaline Paleo diet which will give our body the nutrients needed to rebuild health.   With a ‘normal’ body cleanse we simply aren’t getting the nutrients the body needs to rebuild damaged tissues.

And Now Just Add Good Alkaline Ionized Water

Alkaline, ionized water creates a huge amount of antioxidants without raising the blood glucose levels or increasing the oxalates inherent in large scale consumption of grean.  Antioxidants will neutralize the Free Radicals Oxidants that come out into the blood stream when we detoxify. The alkaline water also neutralizes the acidic toxins while they are circulating in the bloodstream.

Can you see how a diet can be an ongoing detox?  Such a better solution than a trip to the colonic irrigator!