Finale of the Italian odyssey: The Evolutionary Alkaline Paleo diet

Is the world’s population evolving or devolving?  How much is our new SAD responsible for the what I see as the world’s  de-evolution?

I am asking myself these questions as we are on our way home after being in Italia for the last 6 months and am sitting in Bangkok International Airport.  We just ate by necessity a rather sweet meat and vegetable dish at an airport restaurant.  Everything is sweet in Thailand it seems.

Till now I thought that the Thais’ have been spared the SAD results that is now so epidemic in the US, the UK and Australia, as they are,  mostly pretty slim, but now I see this is not the truth……

…… “An area that is also exploding with diabetes is Southeast Asia. And it is something that is very, very concerning,” stated Jesper Hoiland, senior vice president of Denmark-based diabetes care company…..”Over 300 million people worldwide are suffering from diabetes….. 185 million are located in countries belonging to what is called the “International Operations” (IO) area. The Philippines, Algeria, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey and Venezuela are among the 25 countries comprising the IO area.” (taken from Phillipine Daily Inquirer September 29th, 2012)

Normally Thailand’s savoury food is very sweet, add to this their newish snack foods, composed mostly of wheat and sugar, and it’s a recipe for the same health disaster that has struck the western world.

These new snack foods haven’t been around too long and most Thai’s have probably been spared till now because overall they eat less calories, due to the fact that don’t have the money to eat more.   Of course this is not good as they are not getting their nutritional needs truly met.

Ian and I hadn’t really noticed just how sweet the food is in previous times we have visited.  We were then of course, non Paleo and sugar wasn’t so noticable.   Now I wonder, will I be able to visit here any more?

I love the Thai’s, they are a beautiful race of people and it’s so hard to watch them de-evolving like the rest of the SAD eating world.

But….is all this part of the evolutionary process?

Does it mean that there are some people might be  excluded from evolving simply because they are eating a SAD?  People who don’t know what the SAD diet is doing to their brains and their bodies? People who do know and don’t want to make a change.  And sadly children, who don’t get a choice because they only get to eat what their parents eat.  This generation of westerners are in really bad shape, just imagine what the next generation are going to be like.   Already childhood diabetes type 2 is being seen in our children where it was never seen before.   What is the legacy our SAD children will leave for their children.

I predict in the next 5-10 years or even less that eating the Paleo way will become very well known.  It will no longer be seen as another fad diet as it still is by many.  There are so many good people out there who are committed to get the word out about this diet.  They badly want to help others, as I do, to stop the unnecessary suffering from modern illnesses.

There will be those who make the choice to live, even if it means giving up the addictions, and there will be those that don’t for whatever reason which  I can’t explain nor do I understand where it is that some people  make that choice.  The very sad thing is that the choice is being made by a mind that being drugged by wheat and sugar really shouldn’t be given the choice to make.

If we can get people to do this diet for 30 days then get them to make the choice, I predict the outcome of the decision will be much more in favour of living.

On a rather different note, before  I left Italia I was wondering through one of my favourite towns in Umbria and saw my most favourite authoress, Marlena, and her husband, Fernando.  Ian and I stopped to have a chat and Ian started to talk about the reversal of  hisAlzheimer’s he is experiencing since coconut oil and this diet.

What  Marlena then mentioned next amazed me.   She had just happened to go to a doctor, who she described as looking like a “bandito” (bandit) and he had just happened to prescribe for her a low card diet.

She had only gone to him because he was ‘just around the corner’ and she had become concerned as she had signs of being pre diabetic.  Lucky, so lucky, she had gone to this doctor,  because not only is she no longer pre diabetic but she haseasily lost 32 kg’s (I hope this number is right, it’s was Ian who remembered this number)

Now what is really amazing about this story is she is an authoress who has included wonderful recipes of Italian food in all her books as she is also an author of recipe books and a chef.  All her food in her books to date have been based on wheat products and when I read her last two books I was so sad that they were as  I wanted to cook her foods as the images she weaves of the experience of eating them is so beautiful.

And here she was telling me about the very small amount of carbs she was consuming and how wonderful it was she could eat so much salami now and how she had discovered using very dark chocolate grated on Gorgonzola as a desert and how she now makes Pannacotta (normally a sweet solid cream custard with sweet sauce) as a desert using cheese!

The wonder of it all!




It’s time to change the worlds diet, back to where and when in history we were healthy!  Back to when our ancestors only got illness’s which were mostly only from malnourishment due to poverty.