Fruit, Why It’s Not That Healthy

I just read a bit of your blog and read that fruit for breakfast is not

good.    Why is that?




Hi Maggie,

I know, fruit used to be my favourite breakfast! I thought it was really healthy, but it’s not, and for the following reasons.

Fruit is loaded with sugar, albeit fructose which we are told is okay as it is low glycemic. This means it doesn’t react in the same way in the body as sucrose or glucose which causes immediate high blood sugar levels.

However fructose has a very different effect in the body and that is it is made directly into Triglycerides by the liver. These fatty lipids in high amounts are not desirable and we humans already have too much of them from other high carb foods we eat. High levels of triglycerides along with C-reactive protiens are a good indicator of cardiovascular problems.

Fruit, due to it’s high sugar content is also acidifying. I know this is contrary to most alkaline diet resource info but the small amount of alkaline minerals in the fruit does not make up for it’s high sugar content.

In the small amounts we used to eat fructose in fruit is was ok.

We ate fruit:
– only in season for a few weeks in our local area
-that was much smaller and less sweet fruit than that which is now produced
– that was ripened on the tree. Unripe fruit has far too much starch

Fruit juices are very high in fructose and yet we are told they are healthy!  This is so far from the truth.

There is one more reason for not advocating fruit and that is the cellulose content.  I know we have been told cellulose is good and it’s the reason why fruit is a low glycemic food but cellulose is not digested and in the gut is used as food by bacteria.  But when given this excess of indigestible cellulose these bacteria flourish and it’s these very bacteria which is one of the causes of leaky gut.  Cooking the fruit well does help this but there then there is still the high sugar content.

There are very small amounts of fructose in vegetables which we wouldn’t want to avoid as vegetables are great alkalizers.

Once the gut is healed then a small amount of fruit which is in season from the local area is ok but fruit should never be used as a replacement for a meal.

A tip: I find it’s very helpful to not have anything sweet at all for at least the first year when on this protocol as once the sweet taste is stimulated it is a lot harder to resist eating more sugary foods. Going cold turkey so to speak really is best and I found I don’t miss the sweet stuff!

My passion is changing the world’s health one person at a time I hope you will join me when you have witnessed the results of this program for yourself!