Hi I’m back….. for the moment

Lately, actually for quite a while I haven’t written anything as I have been very busy with work.  As with a lot of people at the moment the current financial crisis in Australia with small business has been very much in my face. 

Luckily for me I feel so much more capable to deal with this crisis than I ever have. I have to put that down to this diet, water and the wonderful health I now happily live with.  Both mentally and physically I am alert and energetic and ready to do what needs to be done to get my business on the right path.

UltraStream Water Alkaliser Ioniser

Our new UltraStream – “Mum the water tastes like heaven”

I have very high hopes for our invention and believe in it totally even though as I said there has been “issues”.  I believe it has the potential to become a worldwide hit as it answers so many needs in today’s toxic laden lives.  Firstly it’s really well filtered water with the best filtration media. Next it alkalizes and ionizers the water producing a large amount of the primal antioxidant, Hydrogen.  And the next thing it doesn’t need the kind of money that people have been paying to get this same water.

When I started drinking the new water from my new unit I knew that something wonderful had been invented.  

I continue to feel really good about it despite the teething troubles.

At last we have all the wrinkles “ironed out”so to speak and we are ready to let them flow 🙂 out of our warehouse in Australia, the USA and the UK.  

My recent trip to a big city showed me once again how insane thiswheat addiction is that makes grown intelligent people ignore all the studies and just basically eat this stuff for every meal of the day and call it well balanced nutrition.  Please tell me how having a wheat cereal and wheat toast for breakfast is well balanced.  Oh yes top that off with a well balanced glass of fructose laden orange juice.  Add to this some low fat milk and a tablespoon of sugar.  

As I said intelligent people are giving this to their children for breakfast, heck they are eating this completely nutrition less food themselves. 

I look at these children’s faces and I get so sad.  I look at the sallow pinched skin, the glazed eyes, the dark skin under the eyes and misaligned teeth and I see all their future health issue right there in front of me.  And I can’t say anything to the parents as if I do they will nod their heads and then completely ignore me.  

Children were not meant to look like this.  They never used to.  This is the new “normal” coming from a “normal diet”.  They are inheriting the bad eating from the last two generations and it’s showing big time.  What can I do?  I feel like crying and in fact I did quite a lot.  I wish…..I could do something.