How to Make Your Own Beef Tallow or Lard

Organic Beef Lard

I have just made my own beef lard.  I made it from organic, grass fed animal,  beef fat that I purchased from my butcher.

The beef fat needs to come from a grass fed animal not an animal  finished in a grain feed lot.  Fats that come from ahomemade beef tallownimals fed grains are not healthy animals.  When their faeces are tested  they have way too much of the bad bacteria and way too little of the good.  Just like us they cannot do well on grains and this affects their fat.  Their natural food is grass and that’s what they should be eating.

Only grass fed cattle have Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Omega 3 and Vitamin K2 in their fat.

You will need to have an organic grass fed animal if you want to avoid the pesticides and hormones that non organic beef has in it fat.

Beef fat is also contains vitamin D  and A .  Beef fat has all the vitamins that are important for bone and artery health.

How to Make It

Here  is a great blog post on how to make beef lard

For what you get with this fat I think it’s well worth the trouble of making it as it’s very cheap and full of goodies.

But why use Lard instead of Coconut Oil when Cooking?

Coconut oil had  medium chain triglycerides like no other fat does and it’s safe when using  higher temperatures in cooking but coconut oil is far more therapeutic for the health of the body when not heated.

Another good reason to eat lard is here in an extract from Dr Mary Enigs essay for the Western Price Foundation.

“How much total saturated do we need? During the 1970s, researchers from Canada found that animals fed rapeseed oil and canola oil developed heart lesions. This problem was corrected when they added saturated fat to the animals diets. On the basis of this and other research, they ultimately determined that the diet should contain at least 25 percent of fat as saturated fat. Among the food fats that they tested, the one found to have the best proportion of saturated fat was lard, the very fat we are told to avoid under all circumstances!”

It’s also great to have an alternative fat when cooking foods using oil.   One good thing I noticed about frying with lard is that food doesn’t burn nearly as easily.

Next up is making my own pork lard.  Yum!  Pork lard is delicious for frying, especially for frying eggs and bacon.