I am still here and still on the Alkaline Paleo diet if anyone wants to know

I wouldn’t quit it for the world.  Been on it for over 5 years now.  Best thing I ever did for my health and thank goodness I did.

Finally I know what my body really wants to eat.

Finally I understand what the carbohydrate addiction was really.  Damn those assholes who told us low fat high carbohydrate food was healthy.

So many people have had to suffer and die for so long because of the lies from the food industry, drug industry, drug company paid scientists and doctors and politicians.  They are criminals and should be tried for mass deception and murder of the world population.  I don’t think the tobacco industry is as bad as what these morons have done to humanity.

Now, because of their mass deception we are not evolving as human beings, we are devolving, and in so doing we are destroying the planet we live on.

We don’t even see it because our carbohydrate addled brains are so drugged up by the opioids made in our bodies from these crappy foods we can’t even feel and think properly.

And what does the drug industry say.  Give em more drugs!

Ever wonder why no one cares anymore about the coming generations and what they will inherit?  It didn’t used to be that way, people cared what legacy they left behind for the children.

The only energy we have left now is used to complain about the idiots who are supposed to be in control of looking after our world.  We put them there and we are now so stupid we think everything they are doing is normal, we don’t recognize them for the absolute non logical morons they are.

This world is not normal and it’s not the way it has always been.  People actually used to be able to tell the difference between the idiots and  intelligent people.

We used to eat delicious healthy food.  We loved it and we were healthy and happy people.

Our innate natural intelligence is just gone.

People, stop eating the carbohydrates, start eating good healthy fats.  Go through the withdrawal. Don’t believe the idiots who tell you they’re part of a normal healthy diet.

Finally you too will know what your body really needs too.