Ian’s Osteoporosis, Broken Ankle, Atherosclerosis & Alzheimers Progress Report

In April 2011 Ian, my husband, and I made a video(below) and put in on you tube.  We talked about how coconut oil had been so effective after we discovered it could be used for Ian’s Alzheimer’s symptoms.

In December 2011, just before Christmas. Ian broke his ankle. and we discovered he had Osteoporosis &  a little later, atherosclerosis, which then led to many new understandings about the root cause of all three of his diseases.

Alzheimer’s, Atherosclerosis and Osteoporosis are often found in people as a trio of diseases.  

And why?  Maybe they are not really separate diseases but are simply the one disease resulting from the Neolithic diet (high carbohydrate, vegetable oil and sugar).

Below are some blog entries from my old blog that I used to document Ian’s progress with his diseases:

 Report on Ian’s ankle and what I had discovered about Osteoporosis by late  December 2011:

Just recently my husband Ian (65) decided he would have a jaunt on my son’s (32) electric skateboard.His very first go and he fell and broke his leg!  Be warned,  middle aged men permanently populate the hospital emergency department after doing the very same thing!

My son was filming the event at the time and so I took a look at the footage.

What I saw didn’t make me happy.  Ian had broken his leg with a really small fall. So off to the bone scanning testing facility we went. And the results?  He has osteoporosis.

Now I knew he drank huge quantities of coke as a teenager and lost all his teeth by 19, but then I found out that if children are exposed to cigarette smoke on a regular basis (and he was) then the bones don’t get formed properly.  It’s apparently the cadmium in the smoke.

A further factor in osteoporosis is gluten intolerance.  He has been gluten free for about 4 years now.  But after a life time of eating gluten when you are intolerant would cause a lot of problems.

He  was a vegetarian for about 17 years.  Vegetarians are not good at accessing nutrients in their food due to phytates and lectins from an excess of grains and pulses that stop the body absorbing nutrients.

Vegetarians also have a very high omega 6 to omega 3 ratio A study shows  that a higher ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids was linked to lower bone density at the hip in both older men and women — a condition that could lead to osteoporosis.  Not only that he has been gluten sensitive for I don’t know how long and this also prevents the body absorbing nutrients.  

Vegetarians are renowned for becoming osteoporotic.

 He is now on  Vitamin K2 MK-4 variety, Vitamin D3, Calcium (we took him off this fairly early when we discovered he was getting enough of this mineral already) and Magnesium.  Betaine Hydrochloride (for digestion) with every meal.

He is also getting a cup of bone broth every day.

When he get his cast off (10 days!) he will begin exercises

What we don’t know is what impact the Low Carbohydrate, High Fat diet (now the Alkaline Paleo program) will have on his bones.


What I didn’t mention in the above blog entry is that the X-rays had shown some Atherosclerosis in his leg also

 Ian’s progress report from old blog post for March 2012:

Ian’s leg was broken 10 long weeks ago.  His leg is still in a  support boot (after his rather special leg cast!) because it has been taking ages to heal. That’s because as we found out he has bad Osteoporosis and when you have Osteoporosis you bones take much longer to heal.

  Since we found out about his Osteoporosis we have learned so much about this disease and how  it is affecting not only older people but people as young as 30 years.  

Neurosurgeon Jack Kruse, attests to this as he operates on these people’s spines when they crumble.  

Finally after taking the divine trio for the last three weeks,  Vitamin D, A and K2, and of course being on this program we are happy to say his leg is finally mending.  

And… the other great news is, when looking at this X-ray… we saw a lot less arteriosclerosis in his leg.

This in only 3 weeks!  

Arteriosclerosis plaque is made of a mixture of calcium and oxidised LDL cholesterol.  LDL cholesterol becomes oxidised by eating too many polyunsaturated oils and not enough Omega 3’s. 

When there is a lot of calcium floating around in the bloodstream, which occurs with a lack of Vitamin K2, then that calcium binds with the oxidised LDL’s and causes Arteriosclerosis

Four long months later he was able to take off his support boot.  The bone was not healed properly but it was enough.

Our doctor told us that he would have pain in his ankle for ever as he could see in the x-ray arthritis forming on the joint.

I now have a very deep suspicion he has had Metabolic Syndrome for many years.  This condition is linked with all his diseases.   Metabolic syndrome doesn’t just make people fat, it can also make people too thin, as Ian has been all his life.


May 2012 Finally we are able to go to Italy.

October 2012 and now.. how is the ankle and his osteoporosis?

Ian is walking normally and has absolutely no pain in his ankle. I have to remind him that his ankle was supposed to hurt forever!

When we get back to Australia (in the next couple of weeks) we will have a bone scan to see if his osteoporosis is the same, worse or is improving.

And the Alzheimer’s?

As for his Alzheimer’s we are stunned.  We have been in Italy for 6 months and ran out of the coconut oil we had bought.  I went online to the only place in Italy that supplies this oil and ordered it.  Well … it didn’t arrive for several months.

We were very scared because last year when he ran out he reverted back to the way he was before he started on it.

But the amazing thing is he didn’t regress.  After sticking strictly to the Alkaline Paleo program for the last year, it is paying off.  The ketones created by being on this low carb, high fat  high antioxidant diet have allowed Ian to be OK without the coconut oil!

And the Atherosclerosis?
I will have to get back on this as we will need him to have a special test.
And… Ian’s  dangerous visceral belly fat just vanished!
The pot belly he’s had for quite a few years, so usual in men of his age, has disappeared.  This means the visceral fat, the fat that is so dangerous because it surrounds the organs has actually gone.  He was already quite slim otherwise, always has been.
Some muscle building needs to be done
His muscle condition isn’t great though as he was sitting for so long with his broken ankle.  When we get back to Australia, we want to photo document him as we embark on some body building.  Should be interesting to see what it takes to get a 66 year old to get some ‘buff’ condition on the Alkaline Paleo Program.