Lung Surfactant made of Saturated Fats prevents Asthma

Here is another reason to eat plenty of saturated fats.

Dr. Miller who is the professor of surgery in the cardiothoracic division of the University of Washington says that lung surfactant is composed entirely, when available, of one particular saturated fat, 16-carbon palmitic acid. Properly made with this fat, it prevents asthma and other breathing disorders.

With our recent increase in asthma  could be because of the prevalence of use of Trans fats and vegetable oils instead of good saturated fats.

When we consume partially hydrogenated fats. the Trans fatty acids are put into our lungs surfactant as a replacement for the saturated fats that the body is not getting.  These unnatural fats deposited into the lung surfactant could mean that the surfactant is faulty and is not able to work effectively causing asthma.