Meditation: Is It Good For Anything?

There is a new study out about meditation and it has been proven to be a very good thing indeed.   It appears that meditation measurably changes the brain for the better even when not meditating.

I have been meditating on a regular basis for quite a few years and I can vouch for it’s ability to help my sense of well being and my ability to care for others in a healthy way.

 Meditation is not about not thinking….

The practise of meditation is about becoming as aware of what you are thinking of in each moment as you can, and when you become aware just watching the thoughts come and go.  It’s NOT about not thinking,  I couldn’t even imagine what this would be like as I have never had this experience!

The benefits of meditating when starting this diet are very helpful.  Meditation allows the space to just be and just being is what we all need.

We can nurture ourselves by finding space in our busy lives for just us.

It’s a wonderful way to nurture ourselves and we don’t usually give ourselves this space.  All sorts of wonderful insights can be gained and a sense of self love and respect will also be a result.

This important when you start doing this program as you may feel a bit anxious and maybe a feel of being deprived at the beginning.  Everyone else is eating shit and getting away with it, why not me?   So you need all the self love and respect you can get to get through this hump.

It gives us time to get clear on why we are doing this program and what we hope to gain.  We need this clarity

You can start off with as little as 10 minutes and once you really start to enjoy  the effects you may want to go to 40 minutes.