Polyunsaturated Oils: Poison, Take at Your Own Risk

Omega 3’s from grass fed meats

Is there really anything good to say about Omega 6 high Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA’s)

When we  eat these kind of oils they need to be eaten only in the whole food form, like nuts and seeds they came in.

All polyunsaturated oils are highly unstable outside of their natural food containers and go rancid very easily. They cannot last outside of their nut or seed for longer than a few hours before going rancid.  Even whole nuts, grains & seeds go rancid fairly quickly and should be stored in the refrigerator.

How do the manufacturers get around this rancidity? They refine and deodorise it but this does not mean that the oil is not rancid still, you just can’t taste it.  Rancid oils gobble up anti-oxidants in the body causing the body to need huge quantities of these nutrients.

After being told for so many years to avoid meat and dairy fats and to try to eat only good polyunsaturated oils most of us would have eaten far too much Omega 6 throughout our lives except for the lucky few who never bought the story.

When their is not enough anti-oxidants to deal with these polyunsaturated oils they cause lipid peroxidation in the body. We can see this happening very easily when we see age spots on our skin.  These spots are not only on the skin.  They can be found on the inside of the body also.

Omega 3’s from fish

The only PUFA I would take as a supplement would be the  Omega 3’s .  This is because the body will need a fair bit of Omega 3’s if we have been eating a high Omega 6 PUFA’s .   But getting Omega 3’s from fish, grass fed meats and free range organic eggs would be far better.  Omega’s 3 like all PUFA’s will go rancid.  Cod liver oil which contain Omega 3 must be kept in the refrigerator and kept in the dark.

Vegans will have a much harder time getting enough Omega 3’s to even up the Omega 3’s to 6’s ratio.  They will have to eat the vegetable variety which the body will need to convert into the usable EPA and DHA forms.  This is not easy work for the body to do.  Vegans by the very way they eat will also eat a lot more Omega 6 as they will be eating a lot more grains, nuts and seeds.

What too many Omega 6 PUFA’s can do to the body.

PUFA’s high in Omega 6’s are highly inflammatory.  In the skin Omega 6’s can increase sunburn , skin cancer and skin damage such as kerotosis.

Omega 6 PUFA’s  cause inflammation in the arteries by oxidising the Cholesterol LDL making it into the small dense variety that is so dangerous for the arterial walls as with arteriosclerosis.