Question: To Eat Safe Starches or Not

I received a question below that I want to post here as I believe it’s very important.

“Hello! I found your site via paleohacks. I’m torn right now between doing your diet and a safe starch carb cycling paleo diet. Basically two years ago I went paleo and dropped some weight…about 10lbs. I then lost my period. I didn’t get it back until I had gained all the weight back plus six pounds. I had to eat lots of bad food just to gain the weight and restart my cycle. So I’m afraid to cut starches. Do you have any ideas because I would love to cut them out and not worry about my cycle. Thank you!”

Hi Ashley,
Great question and I have been pondering it for quite a few months and I just figured out why it’s a really good idea NOT to have safe starches in some circumstances.
Here is the reason why: IF you have a overgrowth of candida then candida LOVES starches, safe or not.

Starches would be Candida’s food of choice.
Candida is connected to so many problems so even if you don’t seem to have obvious signs of intestinal problems or thrush you may still have Candida. This is certainly been the case for Ian my husband.

If you are healthy in all ways and have not been eating a high level of starches in your diet then I think if would be possible to eat some safe starches.
I tried eating safe starches lately in the form of potato and for the first time in 2 years I have a bout of thrush.

Losing weight and your period for some time is OK, it will return providing you are getting all the good fats and proteins your body needs to come back into balance and good health. Sometimes the body just needs to heal and it can do it’s healing in ways we couldn’t imagine and given the chance it will start to heal things we are not even aware of.

What I do suggest though is you take a look at what I say about Turmeric on my blog. If you take it in the dosage I suggest this will increase your Progesterone naturally. Progesterone is often what is out of balance in our bodies due to a low fat and high carbohydrate diet. Low fat & high carbohydrate along with junk food promotes far too much estrogen and bring up progesterone levels will naturally allow this imbalance to right itself.

Turmeric may speed up normalizing your body as it has done mine.