Self Responsibility and Self Empowerment

I believe the whole subject of my decision for my dietary choice is in the end about my own self-empowerment.

Can I decide for myself what I need to eat for my bodies health?  Or am I at the mercy of my cravings or someone else’s food cult?  Because whenever I decide that someone else is going to fix me I have given my power away. And when I give my power away to someone else’s ideas I know now that I will be assured of the limited consequences of this choice.  This choice will lead me to finally ignoring my body and its needs because I tried all those things that someone else told me to do and they didn’t work so I gave up.

If I give my power away to someone else for my healing then I end up back in the same place I was, believing all the things I have been told in the past about health, for instance polyunsaturated oils are the best oils, going this way and that on the popular low fat diet or vegetarianism or not so popular raw foodie or a fruitarian path.

I am not a victim of not being able to eat “normal” junk foods.  I have many people tell me that my diet must mean the loss of all that is good in life and it makes me wonder as to the limited options we seem to believe we have as to what is good in life.

I am not a victim of my lack of success compared to someone else’s miracle cure.  It won’t stop me from looking after me.

I am not a victim of my food sensitivities.  If I eat food which contains them then I hurt.  Why would I keep hurting myself by eating those foods?  Why do people continue to smoke when they are dying of lung cancer?

This is, I believe, the road to my personal freedom – eating what my body really tell me it wants. Eating what my body really wants helps to liberate my mind from the tyranny of blood sugar ups and downs and habitual mindless food cravings.  I stop trying to heal my emotional wounds using my childhood comfort foods.

Now no longer needing others to tell me when or what to eat I make my own choices and reap the benefits or the problems.   I can no longer blame anyone else for my current health; the doctor didn’t look after me properly, and I take the responsibility for where I am physically.

If I keep doing things to myself that I shouldn’t then I will hurt.  Why would I do this?  This is such a  good question and I have asked myself this many times so I can find out what is behind my need to certain foods even though I know I will hurt either sooner than later.

When my body is supplied with the nutrients it needs, not the foods my mind craves, then I am actually able to think better and make choices for my best interests.

I have found that after more than 5 years on the low carb high fat diet that my mind is much sharper and my wits are getting better and better.

I have realized that this diet is not just about losing weight or getting healthy and then being able to go back to ‘normal eating’. When I approached the diet like that it was really difficult to maintain, but once I decided this diet is for life things really started to change in my whole being.

My awareness of what is healthy and not healthy is not only now with diet it is also in how I think.  I now find a much sharper awareness of when my thoughts are causing me pain and so I give them up as quickly as I can.  I no longer see myself as a victim of my own or anyone else’s thoughts.

For all this I am very grateful.