Ian’s Osteoporosis, Broken Ankle, Atherosclerosis & Alzheimers Progress Report

In April 2011 Ian, my husband, and I made a video(below) and put in on you tube.  We talked about how coconut oil had been so effective after we discovered it could be used for Ian's Alzheimer's symptoms. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMw3d3ohx_s In December 2011, just before Christmas. Ian broke his ankle. and we discovered he had Osteoporosis &  a little later, atherosclerosis, which then led to many new understandings about the root cause of all three of his … [Read more...]

Alzheimers’: the new market for Big Pharma

I'm copying a pasting an article by Rob Verkerk, president of Alliance for Natural Health here today. It's a typical story of vested interest, sub-prime research and ultimately, deprivation of the public of quality healthcare. It affected me because I'm a potential sufferer of Alzheimers' using a natural product to retain my faculties. My video on YouTube has attracted a tremendous response.. and I'd dread the possibility that the powers that be would choose to deprive me of my coconut oil. "The … [Read more...]

Another Approach to Alzheimers’ using something very simple.

As you know, I've had incipient Alzheimers' Disease. And it was getting worse before Cassie found a video on YouTube by Dr Mary Newport about coconut oil. I began her regime and experienced immediate return to what I remembered as normal. Cassie saw the difference.. so it must be true. In fact we also made a video of our experience and here it is. In Italy for the last six months I was without it and watched helplessly as Herr Alzheimer crept back. Scary stuff, I can tell you. Of course … [Read more...]