Testing Your Bodies Alkalinity – A Unique Way

I received the below questions and decided my stunning answers ūüėČ were worth posting.. so here goes.


[ez_box title=”Question on Testing Alkalinity” color=”green”] Hi Cassie , How often are you testing and how are you testing your pH to see if all is good on the Paleo /alkaline diet ? Thanks Glenn ¬† [/ez_box] ¬† ¬† ¬† [ez_box title=”How to Test with a Ketone Meter” color=”blue”] ¬† Hi Glenn,

 I am using a rather unique way of testing my alkalinity.  I am using a Ketone meter to measure my ketones.
I have not been testing pH and concentrating on Ketone testing because I are looking to ascertain if the body has been able to actually switch over to ketosis. Because it only does this when there is sufficiently less acidic carbs and sugars to create a ketone based energy metabolism rather than a glucose based energy metabolism.  I can see from our ketosis tests when we are actually low on sugar/carb/acid reserves
To have a low carbohydrate content means I have very little in the way of anything that makes me acidic.
Most high carbohydrate foods especially grains (even whole grains) are very acidic making in the body.  Grains also  cause inflammation in many people which makes the body acidic.
I eat plenty of low carbohydrate vegetables which don’t make me acidic.
The only acids I eat are a small amount of nutrient dense meats and a higher amount of fat which I believe are acidic making but according to Dr Robert O Young they are not. The below is taken from his site:
“Question: So fat is quite acidic? Dr. Young: No, fat is not acidic it is alkalizing. In fact, fat is one of the body’s best alkaline buffers, because of its ability to take on extra acids or hydrogen ions on its carbon chain.” Fats are called fatty acids so I cannot see the logic in Robert O Young’s conclusion.
¬†As I eat meat I don’t need to get my protein etc from high carbs foods like grains, pulses and fruits that aren’t really high in nutrients
The ketone meter I use is called in Austraila the Precision (USA) Freestyle (Australia) Optium Meter by Abbot’s and I bought Ketone Strips. ¬†Blood glucose can also be tested on this same meter but there are different strips for this.
The truth is once the ketones are high the blood glucose levels will be low.   Low blood glucose means an alkaline body.
Its a wonderful thing to have the ability to test the blood so easily and understand the real underlying reality of where my body is at.


[ez_box title=”Freestyle Optium Meter” color=”green”]Hi Glen,

I gave you the USA name by mistake.  The Freestyle Optium meters  are for sale on ebay for $40 and you get that back when you send in a coupon.  What a deal!
So you only pay for the shipping.
Go here:  http://stores.ebay.com.au/Ravenswood-Pharmacy?_trksid=p4340.l2563 and you can buy the Ketone strips also from their ebay shop.

Readings will vary.  But when you get the ketone strips will show you the levels for when you are when you are not in Ketosis.
My reading are sometimes over 2 sometimes less.   Highest ketone reading will be at night.
Have fun