Turmeric…and Carrots! for Menopausal Discomforts

Although I did mention one of the wonderful side effects of the Alkaline Paleo diet was peri-menopausal symptom reduction, at age 53, I am now in full menopause (1 period in the last 18 months).
The hot flushes were becoming very intense and I would be kept awake all night.
It wasn’t just the hot flushes, I was also waking at 2am (the liver hour) every night and not being able to go back to sleep.  My other symptoms were  a tight and achy back of my neck (liver meridian area) and  achy knees. The soles of my feet also hurt to walk on when getting out of bed in the morning.  Inflammation which I can only imagine was causing this is a common menopausal symptom.
Vaginal dryness had been around for a few years, after a year on the diet while I was still in peri-menopause I had a period of time where this was not so.  The other time when I didn’t have this problem was when I used natural progesterone cream  but I stopped using it as I believed it was instrumental in the flourishing of my candida.

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I have read enough to know that a lot of women get relief from natural progesterone but I was unwilling to use any hormone now knowing what I do about our very delicate balance of our hormonal system.  I believe we are far too free and easy introducing hormones to our already bad lifestyle disturbed Endocrine System.

After researching for help with menopausal symptoms I found out that Turmeric could naturally increase Progesterone.

I didn’t really know whether it was working on balancing my Progesterone until just recently… I have just caught on…..My vaginal dryness has eased. I realized I was getting a discharge a few weeks ago but disregarded it thinking that there was something wrong again, but there’s no doubt it’s lubricated again and it’s healthy.  Wow I’m stunned.  So it does raise Progesterone levels after all.


Whether this is the reason Turmeric has worked for me or it’s worked because of it’s ability to aid the liver in detoxification I don’t know, probably both.

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A fact known in many  health circles is that the livers load is increased with menopause.  With menopause the liver has a big job detoxifying excess estrogen.  Menopausal problems, despite the medical world’s consensual agreement, can actually occur from excess estrogen.

I have had, since 17, a rather weak liver.  I contracted Glandular Fever  at that time and I was a quite a drinker and being at that time indestructible (ha!) I still drank a lot while sick.
Just lately I was also diagnosed with Gilbert’s syndrome (supposed to be hereditary)  and consequently have had slightly yellowish skin from too much Bilirubin from my liver.
So in  one way or another I have compromised my liver, and lately with the onset of full menopause, my liver had begun to actually hurt when touched!
When I found turmeric I didn’t realize that it’s effect would be to help my liver but it has and my liver is no longer sore to touch, nor am I waking at 2 am and being unable to go back to sleep.  My hot flushes are a lot less hot and a lot less frequent!  The pain in my knees and neck have vanished.  How much of this is due to the liver support of Turmeric I don’t know.


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I take 2 tsp of organic Turmeric with 1/2 ascorbic acid twice  daily and have done so for 4 months.

I found that caffeine and alcohol (hard on the liver) brings on strong hot flashes and by using Turmeric this has allowed me a cup of coffee a day but not wine.

If I stop Turmeric for a few days all my symptoms return.  It then takes a few days to get back to where I had been.

I had tried other natural supplements such as Black Cohosh for my menopausal symptoms but found there were some not so nice side effects when using them.

As I have IBS and am very sensitive and I can vouch that Turmeric is not a problem for my stomach issues in fact I think it is slightly beneficial.


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I know this is very left of field but lately I have had a huge craving for carrots and I am going to put them in the list of permissible foods.

The special fibers in raw carrots don’t feed the wrong bacteria and therefore lowers inflammation. They  bind to and eliminate unwanted hormones like estrogen, lower serotonin and histamine, which in turn lowers the body’s need to produce cortisol (the stress hormone) increasing the efficacy of progesterone and testosterone. The carrot fibers work in a similar way as charcoal which binds with toxins making them safe to eliminate.

Eat a raw carrot before lunch to get the most benefit.

Estrogen dominance (most women are progesterone deficient these days), low thyroid function, inflammatory conditions, bacterial overgrowth, liver issues or a stressful life, the humble carrot can help!
Who would have thought my craving would be so right on.


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This link is great for amazing news about the studies regarding 10 factors causing Cancer and how Turmeric is being found to have an amazing protection and prevention effect.

I don’t want to go into this as this post is about Menopause.

After saying this there is one thing I really find fascinating is how India has used Turmeric for such a long time in conjunction with their vegetarian food.
This use of Turmeric seems to come from their innate intelligence (we all have this somewhere inside of us) and has been used as a counterpoint to their  high carbohydrate acidic diet. The high glucose/acidic end products of this diet will feed cancer but they have given themselves a way out – Turmeric in so much of their food, till now…. but can India combat the power of McDonald’s advertising?  

They are inevitably changing to our SAD diet….maybe we all have to make our choices for ourselves in the end.




I am going to write a post about Progesterone for men as Ian is starting on it this week, the diet is a bit slow for his BPH (enlarged prostate) even though it has improved to the point he only gets up once at night.  But we are going to experiment….we will see if it helps enlarged prostates!


  1. mary rowe says

    Thanks for your post. Interested in turmeric as a general tonic, being diabetic with high cholesterol. Have been taking capsules for nearly a year, 2 capsules twice a day, and think to add turmeric to my protein smoothies as well. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the post. I knew turmeric helped increase progesterone, but had no idea how much to take & am astounded by the benefit of the carrot. I will begin to try eating one carrot before lunches.

    The things that have helped me most with a thinning v-wall, dryness, atrophy & weak bladder are the following:

    Caprylic Acid Pills – Found in coconut oil has completely rid me of itching & recurrent yeast infections that Diflucan never touched. It is great for combating candida, yeast and overall feeling of itchiness down below.

    Hyaluronic Acid – Helps to improve elasticity of the skin, skin dryness and mucous walls of the bladder, intestines and bowels. I have interstitial cystitis and nothing has helped me with urgency and frequency more than Hyaluronic Acid. I take up to 150mg/day. It also has brought elasticity back to my vulva.

    Omega 7 – Helps increase vaginal wetness.

    I’m really hoping turmeric can help restore my dead libido. A toast to hope & never giving up.

  3. Hi, great article! I am not peri-menopausal, I am actually pregnant at 42. I have suspected low progesterone as I am having spotting at 6 weeks(have never had spotting this early before) and all else is well with the pregnancy, and am waiting to get test results back on my progesterone levels. I was wondering why you took the turmeric with ascorbic acid? For now I am mixing 2 tsp turmeric with some warm water, a drop of honey, and lemon juice. It’s the best I’ve got right now. But, I would like to know what purpose does the ascorbic acid serve? Thank you!

  4. generally, we know carrot is good for health, i think its enhanced vitamin A …i think we should increasing carrot feed lol

  5. Thank you for this post was taking high doses of Turmeric and doing extremely well then for no reason I stopped then health issues quickly followed. Frozen Shoulder, TMJ, Weight Gain, High LDL Cholesterol, etc etc. wish I would have never stopped taking it. Now slowly increasing my dose.

    ps: have had Liver tenderness for almost a year, kept telling doctor about pain they didn’t care or offer any help.

  6. Hi Cassie

    I’ve been going through the first stages of the menopause for about 3 years and am always looking for alternative ways of treating the symptoms associated with it. I’ve never considered including turmeric in my diet although I do use it. As for the carrots I eat these quite regularly.

    I’ve been following the Paleo diet for about 3 years as well and have found it really does help. I don’t actually take any kind of medication but rely more on natural supplements to help. I take Red Clover each night as this helps with the hot flushes and the night sweats. Plus I also take a magnesium supplement to help with my sleep.

    Thanks for such a great artcile.

  7. thanks

  8. I am finding that drinking the juice of 3 carrots and an apple and following it with 2 turmeric capsules is a big help for hot flashes.

  9. Leila Wilson says

    I am due for a hip replacement this year,and I also have a bad back,,just before Xmas started walking with a walking stick,,,,haven’t been able to take Tumeric as was on Warfarin,,I ceased Warfarin about 6weeks ago went onto Tumeric and am walking without the aid of stick have lost weight,, and have less pain,, although I seam to have a return of my hot flushes,,I hoping this is temporary,,put my husband on Tumeric 3yrs ago he couldn’t walk around golf corse GOD FORBID,,now he is playing twice weekly,, and giving me some realy needed time alone !!!!! Will defiantly try the carrot ! ,,,,

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