Update of Ian’s Osteoporosis After a DXA (Bone Density) Scan


The results were one year after his last DXA scan my 66 year old husbands femur is 8% more dense and his spine is ever so slightly worse.  As there was so little change in the spine I am thinking the DXA scan could have got it wrong and it’s really about the same as it was as why else is his femur so much better and not his spine? 

Anyway I need to concentrate on what is really, really good and not worry about what could be just a mistaken reading by the DXA scanner, as I have read enough to know that it’s really isn’t as accurate as I would like.

This increase in bone density with his femur is not due to exercise.  In fact he has done less exercise in the last year with much of his time going into the world of working on computers where time flies and life kinda leaves the room!

He has been on the Paleo diet, including 6 months of cheats, for about 2 and a half years.  If we had had a DXA scan at the very beginning of the diet I wonder what results there might have been back then.

Presumably his reading would have been even worse than it was a year ago.  But….then again the body does take time to reverse it’s tragectory and it might not have been that different than it was a year ago.

A  New Calcium Supplement – Active Absorbable Algal Calcium

I just found out a relatively new form of Calcium supplement called Active Absorbable Algal Calcium (AAA Ca)

A Japanese scientist discovered it but found it  hard to test it as the old people’s bones in Japan are very healthy due, I believe, to their high intake of Natto (a traditional source of Vitamin K2).  Even so from the studies it is showing there is a much higher absorption of it into the bones.

The AAA Ca product link I have given below has many other bone minerals, K2 and D3 as well.  So it’s got the lot in one tablet.

I have ordered it from the USA here as it’s a good price and not available in Australia.  I want to hurry his bone change along as quickly as possible as he is not young!    I will keep everyone updated  of his progress in a years time.  

A scientific blurb about this calcium is here

Osteocalcin Test

I just wish he had had his Osteocalcin test done again.  I did ask for it but communication didn’t get to where it needed to go aka onto the script.  Osteocalcin is a hormone that is needed to put calcium into the bone.   But given the results of his Cholesterol below I am sure he now has the where with all in his system to make this very important hormone.

Cholesterol and Triglycerides

He also had his LDL’s, HDL’s and Triglycerides checked and as was to be expected his LDL’s and HDL’s are quite a bit higher than a year ago and his Triglycerides are now a little bit lower.  The doctor,  who is not at all familiar with Paleo as was our last doctor, looked worried and I tried to reassure him all is well.

I am not worried at all and just know that this is a vital sign to recovery.

Here in Australia we still haven’t got easy access to testing the LDL’s for particle density and size so we couldn’t do that test which would be absolutely fantastic to do.

The first time our doctor heard about the LDL density size was from me so hasn’t been briefed about this newish information yet.

There are other new updates on a lot more on his vital signs! but I shall put them on another post.

So far as a Guinea Pig he is doing really well in all of his results from my scientific study!  Just kidding!