Warning:Don’t Feed the Cancer! High Carbohydrate Food is Cancer’s Source of Fuel

This is such a simple and obvious thing but this simple fact get avoided time and time again.

Cancers only diet is glucose.

Starving Cancer Out by Fasting 

Fasting has proven in studies that if you don’t die of starvation first then Cancer loses it’s source of fuel and then dies.  How obvious is this!

There is problems with fasting of course.  In a weakened state such as the body is with Cancer then restricting nutrition can really be a problem.   Energy loss, nutrient deficiencies and metabolite balance would impossible to maintain.  In a body that’s already lost a lot of weight it can be vital to build up the bodies strength not weaken it through starvation.

How About Instead of Fasting, Use the Ketogenic Diet?

Well this could be the answer.  When we are in Ketosis we are not feeding the tumors with glucose and yet we are still able to eat.  This means we are able to get all the nutrients we need to strengthen our bodies and at the SAME TIME starve the Cancer!

Changing the Diet is Too Hard for Many and Not Worth Changing it on the Chance it Might Work.

This kind of solution would be a win win for the body but it is obviously too simple as it’s not been popular so far.

Healing will depend on our own decision of how far we want to go to be done with Cancer.  Do we want to take the step of radically changing our way we eat, for a while at least, to what could be the best diet on the earth?

I know a lot of people would choose not to and would prefer to go down the path of hoping that the Chemo and Radiation works.  On some deeper level we understand that to actually change our diet can mean changing the way we think.  This is certainly what I have found to be true for myself.

I truly am now an eat to live kind of person as compared to the kind who lives to eat which was NOT the case before I started this way of eating.

This has occurred with a slow but radical change of mind as I progress on this diet.  My willingness to be totally healthy is increasing every day.  I am stunned by where I have come from.  As a person who believed food and alcohol was one of  the best ways to have fun and thinking that there was no way that this could not be the truth for everyone to a completely different perspective without loss!  To now understanding that food and alcohol has been getting in the way of another understanding of the fun in life.

Without the drugging effect of high carbohydrate foods and drinks my mind has become so much more intelligent.

There is a very funny movie called  “Idiocracy”, it’s a comedy,  check it out if you can.  It’s about humans in the future and we have de-evolved and become quite stupid.  We water our crops with Gatorade and wonder why they don’t grow.  In this future world we have absolutely lost our common sense and the only jokes we find funny are about farting.
What I find fascinating & scary about this movie is I believe with the foods that we are eating now that this future world is totally possible.  

Back to Cancer and Why It’s Now in Epidemic Proportions

Even though the Cancer statistics say death from Cancer has been reduced when you look at the fine print so to speak,  this means people aren’t dying of something after they are diagnosed with Cancer. Death from complications from chemotherapy and radiation aren’t included in the Cancer death statistics.  This means you could die of malnutrition, pneumonia, liver failure, heart failure etc. The death certificate will say “Cause of death: heart failure” it won’t say anything about the Cancer.     Up to 80% of cancer patients are reported to have died from complications from treatment and side effects of Chemotherapy. 

Can We Really Afford to Not Try Using This Dietary Approach? 

Obviously not, but many people are still blinded by the medical establishment with the idea that Cancer is hereditary.  This so called fact is wearing very thin considering the huge increase in Cancer rates.  If Cancer were hereditary then how on earth could so many peoples genes all of a sudden become more Cancer prone?
What other factors are there that could be causing this increase?  Well it could be all the chemicals, hormones, toxins we are getting in our air, water and food and I definitely think this adds to it.
But what is the single biggest change that has occurred over the last 50 years, since Cancer rates started to increase dramatically?   Food.   

Talk about the elephant in the room that all the research has till now avoided like the proverbial plague.