Want a quick and easy breakfast on the program?

What’s a good, quick and easy breakfast on the paleo diet?  I have got my old man on it and he is doing fairly well! But I need to get him off cornflakes for breakfast!!

Dennis Y

Our Italian breakfast


Hi Dennis,

Yes you do need to get your dad off those cornflakes!

Some of us find breakfast one of the hardest meals to change.  We want the sweet grains cereal and milk and think this is a normal breakfast.  It’s funny because not so long ago bacon and eggs were a breakfast staple in the West and no one had a sweet breakfast.

Eating in Asia is a great example of savoury breakfasts, no one would even consider a sweet breakfast there.

Once your dad  has changed from a sugary breakfast to a savoury breakfast he won’t even blink an eyelid at having  leftovers from the night before for breakfast.  This will take some time though for the changeover to occur.

Ian and my favourite breakfast now is bacon (here in Italy we buy Pancetta), cooked tomato, eggs, mushrooms cooked in coconut oil and some rocket with a little lemon juice. Yum yum!  

A very good idea if there is no nitrate free bacon available then get the butcher to slice some pork belly into thin slices just like he would to make bacon.  This will get just as crispy as bacon with out the nasties and add a bit of Celtic salt and voila!  The only thing is it won’t last as long in the fridge uncured so you will need to freeze daily portions and bring them out of the freezer for breakfast in the morning.

Ian and I look forward to to our breakfast very much now,  but I do remember it was hard getting out of the “I need something sweet for breakfast” addictive mind set.  We used to eat fruit for breakfast back in the old days thinking this was great for our health!  We were so wrong.

Actually one of the reasons we desire sugar in the morning comes directly from what we ate for dinner.  If our bodies are running on glucose from a high carbohydrate diet then we will be ‘hungry’ for a blood sugar spike after fasting the whole night.  When we eat low carb with meat and fat  for dinner then our desire for that sweet breakfast will vanish as we no longer have the morning need for a blood sugar spike.

Another one of our favourites breakfasts is fried onion, zucchini and tomatoes, a sprinkle of dried basil with a couple of fried eggs,  always cooked in coconut oil.  Yummo!  We always put plenty of Celtic Salt on any of these breakfasts.

If these dishes take to long to cook for you dad then maybe he could try:

Scrambled eggs cooked with plenty of coconut oil so it is filling and keeps him full till lunchtime.  Add some chopped parsley and Celtic salt.

A smoothie with  1 desertspoon of coconut oil, a little coconut milk (AYAM brand has no additives), 2 raw eggs and a few berries (frozen berries makes it easy) and put into a blender.  You will need to warm the mix with a little warm water otherwise the coconut oil will go hard and won’t mix in.  A transition breakfast for the sweet tooth but you will need to adjust quantities for taste.

The  problem is Ian and I love our breakfast so much we don’t vary it very often in fact practically never and so I don’t have many suggestions!

When we are away and we can’t get our normal breakfast, we will eat some boiled eggs to get us by till lunch.   Eating some protein and fat for breakfast makes it so easy to not snack till lunchtime. In  fact some days we don’t bother eating lunch at all.

There are a lot of websites with paleo diet recipes where you might find more recipes that suit but I do find its good to go cold turkey on the sweet stuff and just get the whole sweet tooth thing over and done with!

Good  work with you dad, good on you!