What is Leaky Gut? aka Intestinal Permeability also called Gut Dysbiosis?

What Is Leaky Gut – The Science Behind It

It might surprise you but Leaky Gut is exactly what it sounds like.

The cells that line the intestinal wall are meant to act as a barrier to only allow fully digested nutrients through this wall and then into your blood stream and then is utilized within your body.

But when Leaky Gut develops, these tightly packed cells begin to lose their structure and gaps form between them which allows undigested food particles, bacteria, yeast, toxins, and other harmful substances that exist within your gut into your blood stream.


And once in your blood stream, these unwanted substances can travel freely anywhere within the body and account for countless chronic symptoms.

Leaky gut then leads to the need for special diets.

Diets such as the FODMAP diet (to eliminate those fructans),  the Gluten free diet or the Celiac diet, the SCD diet or all the other specialized diets we find we need because our ‘holey’ intestines have allowed  certain foods through the intestinal wall and they have become a poisonous substance to the body.

The Gut (the large & small intestine) is a second brain

Not only is a healthy gut important for digestion, iron absorption, to recycle Vitamin K2 and to digest Vitamin B12 the gut is also

 like a mini brain. 

 In fact it’s now thought to be the second brain as it has over 100 million neurons, more in fact than the spinal cord. 

Unlike the rest of the body the gut doesn’t need our brains (above) to help the process of digestion our second brain (below) can do the job all by itself.

Actually the vagus nerve in the gut sends information  to the brain, not the other way round.   Everyday emotional well-being may rely on messages from the gut brain below to the  brain above.

The gut makes Serotonin

 95 percent of the body’s serotonin (the hormone that governs mood, sleep and appetite) is found in the gut.  

When the gut make too much serotonin

 Irritable bowel syndrome arises in part from too much serotonin in our small intestine, and could perhaps be regarded as a “mental illness” of the second brain.

Serotonin is also now understood to  inhibit osteoblastic bone formation.  Too much serotonin and you get osteoporosis! 

So the gut hormonally regulates bone formation!

Guess which food is responsible for making too much Serotonin?

  Carbohydrates!  So excess carbohydrates are not only responsible for too much yeast growth in the guts causing those nasty holes in the gut lining but they are also responsible for too much serotonin production.

A healthy gut is essential for us to feel good  

It is very possible that many “mental illnesses” are really gut illnesses.  

We need to try treating the gut first by eating the program I suggest.  

There are so many people whose depression has gone through eating this program.

Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Diseases

These two go hand in hand.   Once we have had a leaky gut for a length of time then our next step will be one form of Autoimmune Disease or another.

For Complete Health the Gut Wall Must Be Healed

The gut wall can be healed by using this program (which means low carb), making sure we are now not eating anything that we are sensitive to (ie gluten, dairy & the nightshade family) and getting plenty of fermented vegetables and home made bone stock into our program.  It will take time to heal but once healed the occasional foray into the gluten grain world won’t cause the harm that it once did.

When the gut wall is healed Autoimmune diseases can disappear.