Which variety of Vitamin K2 to Use?

Vitamin K2 discovered by a dentist

Weston Price, the famous dentist who went around the world studying teeth in different races called it the X factor and now is identified as Vitamin K2.

Vitamin K2 is good for the  bones, skin, blood vessels, the brain, teeth, a healthy gut.  In fact a healthy gut will make some Vitamin K2 by itself when it has the right bacterial balance.

The Best Vitamin K2 is the MK-4 Variety

Although vendors of MK-7 have done a study that shows MK-7 lasts longer in the body than MK-4 they have never published the study for us to look at.

 Studies show that blood plasma in rats shows  that  MK-7 and MK-4 lasts exactly the same time in the  body.

  • But only MK-4  has been found to activate two specific genes in osteoblast cells.  Osteoblasts build bone.   MK-7 was also tested and it did to activate these genes.  This shows that MK-4 has effects on bone tissue the MK-7 does not.
  •  MK-4 is the only form of vitamin K2 that’s been shown to reduce fracture risk in clinical trials and  MK-4 is the only one that has been shown to prevent/reduce arterial calcification in rats up to this point.

Vegetarians and Vegans will be deficient as they don’t get the animal form of K2-MK4 unless they supplement.  No wonder vegetarians are prone to osteoporosis!Unless you eat Natto (a fermented soy bean paste which provides MK-7) as a vegetarian you will not be getting nearly enough Vitamin K2.  Dark leafy greens can only provide Vitamin K1 which is only good for blood clotting not bone or artery health.


A List of Foods that contain with K2 MK-4 

All the values of K2-MK4 in animal products in the below list depend on the quality of the food they ate.  To insure good levels of K2-MK4 the animals need to have been pastured on green grass grown on high mineral content soil.

Vitamin K2 -MK4 & other MK content of selected foods

* Important:  If you have a sensitivity or intolerance to dairy you won’t be able to digest the Vitamin K2 from the above dairy foods.


Vitamin K2 Thorne Research drops Thorne VitK2

I would suggest using the Vitamin K2 Thorne Rearch drops which you can get from this USA site. or from Australia. They are a good quality MK-4 variety product already in an oil base which makes it easily absorbed by the body.  I use the USA company as they have better prices for supplements and freight is reasonable.

A Great Book to Read: 

Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox by Dr Kate Rheaume-Bleue is a book well worth reading if you have a serious health issue such as one I have described above.  It is a wealth of good information about this vital but here to fore little understood vitamin.