Why has the Alkaline Paleo Diet Made Me SO Clear Thinking with Such an Even Mood?


All the Amino Acids are Necessary for An Easy Going Mood 

I just listened to a doctor explain another reason why I am so happy and clearing minded on the Alkaline Paleo diet!

Apart from the fact that I am just healthy and getting all the nutrition my brain and body needs there’s even more benefits on being on the diet.

Dr Daniel Kalish treats people who have depression with natural foods.

From what I heard from him, I am finally getting all the Amino acids including L-Cysteine from good quality protein (eggs, fish and pasture fed meats), plenty of organic greenvegetables which supplies another important ingredient, 5HTP, and I’m getting plenty of Vitamin B6 which is necessary for amino acid and neurotransmitter synthesis (Serotonin & Dopamine).

There is evidence that shows that vegetarians are more depressed than meat eaters.  I can vouch for that!  Not only was I not getting the amino acids I needed but the high carbs were feeding the bad bacteria in my gut making me sick in mind and body.

Alkaline Water: A Great Detoxifier and Antioxidant Booster

I’m drinking good water which is a great detoxifier and I’ve taken out coffee and alcohol to give the liver a chance to get healthy so it can do its job of detoxifying. After my last binge in Italy my liver actually hurt to touch!

Eating Gluten Has A Big Effect on Mental Health

Another important thing is I am not eating any gluten. Gluten has a huge effect on the brain, not only does it have an opioid like effect but it also increases Serotonin which I would have thought was a good thing, but it’s not. The reason being is if we make too much Serotonin then our Dopamine is not being balanced and we are back in trouble again brain balance wise. We need a balance of Serotonin (the calming neurotransmitter) and Dopomine (the exiting neurotransmitter) to have the best happiness opportunity!

Balanced Blood Sugar Levels

Of course my blood sugar levels are balanced without the up and down of a high carb diet.  This means that I don’t get  mean if I don’t get something to eat on time!

Not Feeding the Little Critters!

Also I am not feeding those bad bacteria whose excretions go into my blood stream through my gut wall from leaky gut.  This phenomena leads to foggy thinking.

Healthy Fats Feeds the  Hormonal System and the Brain 

Add to this that I am getting plenty of healthy fats (coconut oil, meat fats) which are giving me plenty of good cholesterol to create a good hormonal balance.  Also coconut oils medium chain fatty acids creates Ketones which is a great source of energy for the brain.

All these factors are balancing my thinking so I am able to distinguish between the important things in my life that I need to address (like my present food choices) and the things that really aren’t important at all (like whether home is a bit of a mess!).

No wonder I am just so darned happy my body and mind are finally getting the chance to function as they should! I sure hope I’m not going to get caught again like I did with my Italian experience. Cross fingers!


  1. Roslyn Jackman says

    Hi Cassie

    Can I ask you for a copy of YOUR version of the Paleo Diet please?
    I have been searching all over the place and cannot locate it.
    I have just written to Ian via his healthemail email address, as I did not really know how to
    contact you.
    I am very much appreciating all the information you are passing on. I need it very much and
    urgently, especially for my husband with his memory problems..
    Thankyou so much Cassie

    Yours faithfully
    Roslyn jackman

    • Hi Roslyn,

      I am really sorry to hear about your husband’s memory loss.
      The age difference between my husband and I is 13 years so I understand how it can feel quite scary.
      I remember when I brought his memory loss up with him, it was very hard to speak about it but thank goodness he saw
      it was true and then I went and found an answer. One of the big problems that comes with Alzheimer’s is depression which makes
      talking about it with them even harder. Fortunately with Ian his depression got better on the oil and the diet.

      Ian says to tell you that most men live in fear and their partners have a terribly hard time getting them to accept there is anything wrong
      with them. Men are terribly scared of disease.

      I am sorry I don’t yet have a good description of my diet on my blog.
      But it’s pretty simple really, grass fed meat (any kind), organic eggs or fish with every meal plus any above ground growing vegetables but you can include onions and garlic.
      Use olive oil when not cooking and coconut oil for all cooking. Some nuts are ok as long as digested easily.
      We also have a green leafy vegetable juice once a day. Use 1 1/2 tsps of celtic sea salt on your food a day. You can use lemon as a dressing with the olive oil and also on your vegetables as it makes a nice dressing.
      Of all our supplements a multi B vitamin supplement is probably the most important to kick start the memory problems.

      Start the diet by first taking out sugar, gluten and dairy and gradually progress to getting rid of all grains, pulses and beans. Grains, especially wheat, oats and barley (they contain gluten) are not good for the body, and cause their own problems with mental function.
      Start the coconut oil very slowly as it takes some time to get up to the best dose. Start with 1/2 tsp 3 x per day and gradually work up to about 3 tablespoons 3 times per day.
      Once he is truly on this Alkaline Paleo diet he will start making ketones himself as the low carbs diet promotes the body to create ketones. It’s the ketones from this diet and from the coconut oil that will feed his brain the food it’s being starved of.
      Alzheimers occurs because the brain can no longer utilise glucose for food as it becomes insulin resistant, this is why they call it Diabetes type 3.

      Have a look at http://coconutketones.blogspot.com/ for Dr Mary Newport information about her husband, it would be helpful to you.

      The best thing about this diet is it is very nourishing and gives all the vitamins and minerals you need.

      We eat eggs, bacon (no nitrate) tomato for breakfast. Soup made from our own home made meat stock and vege or a salad with left overs or eggs for lunch and meat or fish and vege for dinner. Really simple and very yummy when we got over our addictions to carbs.
      I hope you will join your husband on this diet as it will prevent any health problems for you also and it makes it so much easier with cooking!

      With great hope for his recovery

      • (Posted by Cassie as was emailed to my email address)

        Thankyou Cassie,

        That was easy, even for me!!
        The information is very clear and helpful and YES I will be joining my husband with
        the diet, most definatley.

        We also have another problem. Our water and I would love to be able to purchase
        a system from you that will do just what we need. But I dont know what we need
        We live on rich red volcanic soil. (ACID) .. and we have our tank water in poly tanks.!!
        So as you can see, we are set up with a very BAD health set up. So I dont know which
        is the best way to cope with all this. My husband thinks we should just buy a small
        rain water tank for drinking purposes only, and if we did that, what is the best type
        to buy? And can you help us with the best option for our needs as per the treatment
        system we need.? I cant work out from all the systems available which one fits our
        needs. We do not usually skimp on quality, when it comes to our health, even tho we
        are pretty broke at present. !!
        I am so grateful for the time you have taken to help us so far and all the very best
        in all your endeavours to you both.

        Kind regards
        Roslyn Jackman

        • Hi Roslyn,

          Sorry for the delay in answering your questions, I have been preoccupied with bed bugs in my bed in Italy!

          All water from rain tanks is acidic especially the poly tanks, (except for concrete tanks as these tanks leak some lime for about 20 years making the water alkaline).
          Where is you water coming from that is in the tanks your have?

          Kind Regards

          • Roslyn Jackman says

            Thankyou Cassie for replying

            So sorry to hear about bed bugs in Italy. Is that a common problem over there or do
            they have an unusual outbreak of these bugs?

            Our rain water is collected from the house roof which is corrugated iron and also some
            shed rooves.

            The reason it is probably more acidic than some rain water is red volcanic soil is Very DUSTY and you are always wiping benches and tables just to keep the dust down. My sister-in-law
            lives on black soil and no dust, hence not near so much would ever be found in their

            We have not tested our ph but we know enough about it to know it WILL be ACID

            Thankyou for you interest and I do hope you can sort out those bed bugs !!!!

            We all need SLEEP

            Kind Regards

  2. Hi Roslyn,

    Yes the bed bugs are coming! We have finally solved the problem by putting cement in containers underneath the bed legs. Thank goodness no insecticides were needed.

    We have a unit called the Ultrastream which is a non electronic water alkalizer, ionizer and it also filters superbly .
    It is coming out in the next month or so. It is our design but made in the USA and would be perfect for your drinking water. It will cost about $400 so it’s not nearly as expensive or problematic as the electronic water ionizers but does all the good things they do.
    Hope this is helpful
    Kind Regards

  3. I have been without the net for awhile but have it now so will answer
    Thankyou for your advice on the water treatment system, sounds so much more affordable
    that is like a ray of HOPE for us.

    Do you think we need to purchase a metal tank for drinking purposes only?
    Our storage is 15 000 gal in poly tanks.
    Glad you have found a safe way to stop the bed bugs, what horrible things they are!!

    When do you hope to be home again?

    Thankyou for all your help so far, much appreciated!!
    Enjoy the rest of your stay now 🙂

    Kind regards

    • Hi Roslyn,
      I do think it would be a good idea to purchase a metal tank. The leakage of chemicals from these poly tanks are possibly very
      bad for health.
      I won’t be home for a few months. I am in London at the moment right in the middle of the city staying with my nephew, trying
      to back onto the Alkaline Paleo diet. It’s much harder to convince someone if they aren’t very sick yet!

      Thanks Roslyn for your thanks, I just really want to help if I can.

      I really hope your husband gets a turnaround in his health before too long.

      Wishing you lots of really good energy for you and your husband,


  4. Roslyn Jackman says

    Hi Cassie,

    Wonder how you and Ian are fairing on your holiday, I am guessing you are still away 🙂

    I just looked up your website to see if the new ultra stream unit is available but did not
    locate it, Is it out yet or still waiting.
    I wondered if you mind emailing me to let me know it is available when it is as I most
    definatley am of the mind to get it.

    I was away for nearly a month at Landsborough on Sunshine coast with my sister.
    Have had a lovely time and am now back and sorting out all the neglect of being away
    Such is life !! Take care and Kind Regards to you both


    • Hi Roslyn,

      No, I didn’t get emailed when you comment arrived. There must be something wrong with my blog.
      In future I have “Ask Cassie a Question” box at the top of the page, and I know this works if you want to ask me something i will definitely get the question in my email.

      We are still away but I am writing blog posts still.

      Getting back to normal life can be a bit hard sometimes can’t it? I think if we could look at our old lives with new eyes it would help give us some inspiration. Glad you had a great holiday though.

      The new UltraStream should be available in a month. We have been working hard at getting it right as it is our invention and we want the best possible unit.
      Sorry for the wait. I really would like to use an UltraStream here in Italy too. Won’t be too long I hope.
      I will email you when it is ready to be ordered.

      Italy is hot and very dry. Heidi’s farm where we are staying is very dry and the spring has dried up. The poor trees are wilting. We are getting water from a truck as she had never had rain water tanks as it has never been needed. I still love Italy. It has such a lot of heart.

      I would also love to be updated about your experiences with being on this protocol if you feel you would like to share at some stage or at many stages in your journey.

      You also take care, best wishes and kindest regards

      • Thankyou so much for your reply. When you say you still love Italy, makes me
        wonder what your affiliation with Italy is? Were you born there?

        I sure am excited about your new Ultra stream unit and will be thrilled to hear more.
        I have not been totally on the Paleo Diet yet cos of all the backwards and forwards
        to my sisters who has not been well, and I am tring to convince her to follow it and
        have given her your site as well. She has been a vegetarian and big soy user and
        only soy milk. She is very overweight, carrying lots of fluid, and does not eat junk
        or much food really, I was cooking meat and veges for her everyday and she was
        amazed how much better she was feeling, so has tried to continue as best she can.
        She has had severe chronic fatighe syndrome since 22 yrs and now is 44 so pretty terrible to lose quality of life so young. As far as my husband, his mind is much improved on the
        coconut and altho he has been a BIG home made bread eater and I have kept making it, so as not to cause trouble, it has dropped in consumption dramatically. I used to have to make a loaf a day. a very large loaf too, and now it is almost going mouldy before it is used up. must be lasting more like a week, so that goes to show you dont need to deprive them of their favorite food, just feed plenty of the other and plenty of coconut and he is so full
        he does not eat the toast that he was going to eat at the end of his breakfast.
        INTERESTING isn’t it.!!! 🙂
        Very exciting actually and I really do want to get onto alkaline water asap. I’m sure our
        water is doing us a lot of harm and I dont drink much for that very reason. I always add
        apple cider vinegar to it to make it more alkaline.
        Take care and enjoy and thanks for everything

        • Dear Roslyn,
          Thanks so much for that update and was so good to here about the fact that you husband doesn’t really notice he’s not eating as much bread! It will be fantastic if he could have a break from bread (and all wheat) for 3 weeks and then eat 2 slices of toast and see what happens. If he has a problem with it it will be very clear within the next few hours after eating it his body will object mightily. The body puts up with foods it shouldn’t have and learns to cope in it’s own way but take that food out and then reintroduce it, it will react and then really tells us “I don’t like this!”
          That’s really exciting that the coconut oil is helping you husband. It is an amazing food for the brain.
          I am very sad to hear about your sister but I am very confident she can turn her health around on this protocol if she decides too. I have witnessed so many who have chronic diseases completely get well including Chronic Fatigue disease. Chronic Fatigue is so common now and it has everything to do with the food we eat and what happens in our guts as a consequence. Being 44 year old is not so old that her body can’t become well again in not too long a time.
          I have witnessed so many vegetarians included myself and my husband becoming sick especially as we get older and the results of lack of nutrition become clear. To be a vegetarian and remain well is a very very hard task. It entails so much food preparation, supplementation with the missing Amino acids, vitamins and mineral (especially iron) and one must have a healthy gut first otherwise none of the nutrition will absorb very well.
          I really am excited so much about this protocol because people can become absolutely well and nowhere else in my history of searching from health have I seen such amazing health turnarounds in so many really ill people.
          No I have not affiliation with Italy, I just feel good here. The people show their feelings very easily. You might see a bit of an argument between two working colleagues but then it’s all clear and there are sunny smiles. It’s all out in the open. Funny that there is also the Mafia (and worse) in this mix. They also honour the feminine strength a lot more than we do and I can feel this.

          Kindest regards and best wishes

  5. Roslyn Jackman says

    Hi there Cassie.

    How are things for you and Ian? are you still on holidays??

    I’m still EXCITED to get this NEW alkaline water filter you have designed and made available at such a sensible price!!!

    Have you got any available in Australia yet and if so what do I do to purchase one?
    Hope things still going really well for you.

    Kindest Regards to you both


    Hi Cassie,
    Long time catching up with you,
    I have been wanting to but lots of other things have been getting in my way 🙁
    Just the same, I am still wanting to know abt the new water treatment system
    that you were designing and bringing out some time ago.
    I dont seem to see it on your products list, unless I dont recognize it by its true name.
    would love to hear more abt it as soon as it suits you now

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