Why is going on a Paleo diet like childbirth?

Why is going Paleo like childbirth? Because we forget how bad it was to do the change over!

Maybe not for a 20 or 30 year old but once you get to be 40 or 50 and onwards then the change over from a glucose burning body to fat burning body so be a bit hard.  The older body finds the adaptation much harder.

I was reading my old diaries from exactly 2 years and 7 months ago and I gotta tell you at the beginning of this diet, I felt bad.  I was  pretty darned depressed.  I had started the program only because I wanted to deal with my thrush,  and I hadn’t figured it would be useful for any other disease.  The thrush was awful and wouldn’t go away so I knew I had to do whatever it took to get rid of it.

I decided I would do the program for 6 months but around  the four week mark I was thinking of would only manage to last for 6 weeks.

Looking back now I just didn’t remember how hard it was.   There I was in my diary, bargaining and arguing and basically in emotional turmoil as my body and my mind started to shift into a new way of being.

It really was CHANGE on a big scale.  Actually going ahead a committing to this program is nothing to scoff at as it will challenge so many things.  One of the hard things is your friends and most likely family will challenge you and say you must be mad for giving everything that’s worth eating!  Don’t underestimate how you will feel with what gets thrown at you.  You are already going to be shaky and then having people tell you you are wrong on top of that makes everything much more difficult.

Added to the big change I was also UNCERTAIN that this was really going to be the answer.  All this change and upheaval from changing the way I eat might not even help me!

I didn’t have my husband on board with the program at the beginning, but he really tried to be supportive.  He was scared from me, as he had watched me as I had tried so many different ways to get well.  For 15 years I had done everything I could think of and he had had to watch and listen to me through all of it.  I now realise that all the hope and disappointment I went through over that time was excruciating for him also.

When he would express his doubt and concern to me and I would feel angry and felt he should be supportive of my endeavours to get well.  But sometimes it was all too much for him and he would tell me that he didn’t think what I was doing was helping.

Two years and 7 months later we are both really happy I started this whole program all that time ago.  We are both so grateful for the improvements in our health.